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02 October 2020

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These are the places where I got Nintendo Switch games from: - This is my go to spot - Definitely use an adblocker - Use this script to easily use cobra - Public tinfoil shop for switch thanks to archbox


These are all places where you can get Games/Movies/TV Shows/Apps

Unofficial CoinOPs Ultimate -

Great place for direct links to ROMs (thanks to Qyuburt):

Really good place for direct ROMs (thanks to theOG):

Awesome list of piracy resources on Github:

Really nifty search engine for files (thanks to Samantas):

Good resource here for some roms (thanks to dani):

Older console resources here (thanks to andynm) *pretty slow:

For PC Games go to GOG Games (thanks to figgie):

Another place for GOG Games (thanks to delamain):

Ziperto always comes through with ROMs: (Use Ublock!)

For PC Fitgirl repacks are nice:

DODI repacks the best:

I always liked 1337x for games, movies, shows, apps, etc:

I love this place since Warez-BB went down direct download links for games, movies, shows, apps, etc: (you need an account)

Good resource for PS3/PS4 updates:

Good place for Playstation ROMS among others:

CS RIN is the core of gaming piracy (make an account*):

*Here is the recommended list of sites on RIN:

ElAmigos games list thanks to Vault:

Good place for retro games thanks to Captain Potato:

Another good place for retro games thanks to delamain:

Good place for switch games thanks to gigachad:

Good mixture of ROMS thank to Kami:

Massive piracy resource:

Great place for software (use google translate):

Great place for movies and shows:

Open private tracker for general use thanks to lemons:

Good place for no-intro ROMS thanks to Uthar:

Great place for ROMS (need to register) thanks to Blackbeard:

Pretty good custom Google search thanks to elauqzz:

Good search engine for torrents thanks to qyuburt:

Good resource to go through thanks to Verb8em:

Rarbg alternative good for movies and shows thanks to casanova:




Great place for movies and shows thanks to SteelResolve:
Great place for movies and shows thanks to VPG:
Good places for movies and shows thanks to lemons:
Good spot for anime thanks to lazlaros:
Another good place for movies and shows thanks to Toxicwire:
Great place for anime:
Another great place for anime thanks to Mato:
Great app to stream shows/movies from torrents/sources thanks to Youmu:
Another place for movies/shows thanks to toxicwire:

UFC/MMA Streams:

Sports Streams:





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