Interior design with built-in wardrobes


03 October 2020

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Today there is a predominant rule in interior design: make sure your design is simple but elegant, neat but stylish. And with a built-in closet you can achieve exactly this, without the need to add something to your existing home. By planning and designing properly, you can and will create a room capable of performing many functions without clutter.

With today's hurried existence and its space limitations, functionality, style, and beauty have learned to walk side by side. Today's prefabricated or custom built-in wardrobes not only serve as a place to store clothes and belongings, they have become a means of providing functional and convenient spaces. With easily accessible appliances and entertainment available when the owner or host needs it. Taking the time to plan one's living space will result in one being able to convert it from a living room to an entertainment, or even a work area with minimal effort.

A well-designed and planned in-wall closet can house anything from a 47 "flat screen TV with home theater system, to your computer and office space. Allowing you in minutes to modify a room to your needs, leaving make everything look neat and elegant. and organized. And that's exactly what we want. With advances in the finishing of products and derivatives of wood, you are now able to incorporate built-in wardrobes into your home no matter what your tastes, preferences are or style.Simple interior design tips for providing space and functionality in the home:

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets equipped with doors with diagonal lines will help create the illusion of greater floor-to-ceiling distance.
Adding mirrors and lights will help make a room look bigger and brighter.
The design of spaces in the wall cabinets to help with the accommodation of computers and other technologies allows for a neat feel without compromising the convenience of available technology.
Combine light to medium colored walls with medium and dark wood finishes.
Use medium to rich colored walls with lighter wood finishes.
Avoid using brightly colored walls with dark finishes, as these tend to become overwhelming or allow the room to appear smaller than it actually is.
Small rooms will appear larger when the ceiling is painted the same color as the ceiling.
Narrow rooms could be made to appear wider by breaking down vertical lines, using thicker finishes and horizontal lines on built-in closet doors to achieve this.


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