Rbd 'Ser O Parecer' Virtual Union ♪live Concert 2020


03 October 2020

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Rbd 'Ser O Parecer' Virtual Union ♪live Concert 2020

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Additional details
Title: ‘Ser O Parecer’ The Global Virtual Union

For fans of: Latin and Pop.

This livestream concert by Rbd will take place at 7:00 PM on Saturday 26 December 2020.

Live reviews
I originally became a fan of Rbd because of a girl I had been dating several years ago! She used to watch Mexican Soap Opera's and that is where she discovered Rbd and how I eventually became a fan! There is just something fun about their music, it pulls you in and just makes you have a good time. With that said, one day I came home and she had 2 tickets to a show of theirs and I have to admit I was excited. We arrived at the show about an hour before start time, to hang out and enjoy the scene. It was such a fun mix of people and the atmosphere was one of fun and joy. We made our way into the venue and the lights dimmed and Rdb started the show. I was impressed from the beginning! They had such a fun presence on stage and really knew how to entertain. Their dancing was a great part of the show, and it was easy to tell that they practiced a lot. The crowd as well were dancing all over the place and having a great time. The light show along with all the action on stage created quite the visual aspect. All in all, it was one of the better shows that I have seen! The way they interacted with the crowd and built up the excitement through the music was perfect!


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