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06 October 2020

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Map of Greenhouse Gasses Emissions – Climate Change Map
If you are looking for a map of greenhouse gas emissions or climate change map, visit Greenhouse Maps today. It shows the map of greenhouse gasses emissions.
Methane (Ch4) Emissions by Country
Methane accounts for around 16% of all greenhouse gases emitted by human activity, only behind carbon dioxide, and ahead of nitrous oxide. Not only is methane a very prevalent greenhouse gas, but it is also quite potent. To know more, visit their website now!
Knowing Greenhouse Gas Contributors
Nitrogen dioxide is one of the six common air pollutants. While unlike methane, it is not a greenhouse gas, nitrogen dioxide emissions are harmful to the health of humans and our environment. For more information, do visit the website!
Carbon Emissions per Country by Map
The primary anthropogenic source of carbon monoxide is the transportation industry. Gas-powered vehicles emit vast amounts of carbon monoxide, and in urban areas, carbon monoxide levels closely echo traffic levels. In the US, estimates suggest that around two-thirds of carbon monoxide emissions stem from automobiles. Read on to know more!
Sulfur Dioxide (So2) Emissions Data by Country
Sulphur dioxide, like nitrogen dioxide, is one of the six designated air pollutants. Breathing in air with high concentrations of sulphur dioxide can lead to severe consequences. Visit the website and know more about Sulphur dioxide emission.

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