Why professional football should be banned from network TV


24 October 2020

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It’s no secret that many people (men for the most part) who watch football also enjoy consuming beer as part of the ritual. Since it is a well-known fact that alcohol destroys brain cells, not only watching football on network TV has no social value, no redemptive qualities or any educational value, but it also gradually diminishes viewers' intelligence. It's bad enough that our children are getting fatter, sicker and dumber as a consequence of their poor eating habits. Do we need to fool them further by letting them participate in this fall football ritual?

Not only do we have to ban football programming from network TV, we also have to ban fantasy football because it has no intrinsic value for anyone either. Many people might argue that fantasy football teaches participants about statistics, but really ... football statistics are not statistics that have any value in the real world. They will not help you with your physical, chemical or scientific challenges either in school or in your job.

In addition to the mental problems that can be caused by this activity, it is also devastating to American family values. Men in particular are glued to the TV during football Sunday night, football Monday night and now football Thursday night, and if someone tries to have a conversation with them about something else, it's almost like they're in a coma. Remember the song "War, what is it good for?" The new song should be "Network TV Football, What is it Good For ... Absolutely Nothing !!"

We have all heard the term 'football thinking', and that is not the truth. Most women who are married to men who are football fanatics would very much like to watch professional football banned from network TV. Of course, that does not completely solve the problem because there are still ESPN, ESPN-1, ESPN-2, and only God knows how many ESPN channels there are now. No matter how many there are, the number over one is too many. In fact, one is too many, but ESPN can show quality sports on television that actually teach people something of value, such as chess. Chess can teach our children to think at least four moves in front of their opponent, which unfortunately football does not. Chess is actually a real MAN sport that teaches real strategies, and it is generally not supported by beer commercials and advertisements for unhealthy foods and other beverages that are bad with ethyl-methyl.

Let’s get it together and get the TV back on network TV and remove all junk programming. The real MEN of the world want to see something on TV that stimulates brain functions, not something that dulls it. They want something to look at while eating and drinking healthy foods and snacks and interacting with their families. Amen and pass Aloe Vera Gel.https://www.xn--123-jml4a7dtc8e.com/
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