The new partnership between the German Bundesliga and the MLS


24 October 2020

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The German Bundesliga and Major League of Soccer signed a partnership agreement in which the two leagues collaborate on everything from player development to marketing. Bundesliga chief executive Christian Siefer and MLS commissioner Don Garber announced at the Sportel conference in Miami that exchange of information and expertise will help further develop the sport in both countries.

This relationship will be beneficial and will be an important step forward for Major League Soccer. There is a general awareness that this age of globalization means new challenges for football, the most global sport. For MLS, it is an honor to be able to enter into this mutually beneficial relationship with the Bundesliga, one of the world's most well - run and most successful football leagues.

While the Bundesliga is one of the world's biggest leagues, there is much to be learned from the MLS, which operates under a strict salary cap and a unique sports business model. Discussions have been initiated with Major League Soccer due to the impressive progress it has made since its inception in 1996.

The Bundesliga is also looking forward to learning from the Mayor League of Soccer, there are also some other examples that the organization and a modern league with a look to the future can provide. And in the same way, the Bundesliga seems proud to contribute to the continued rise in football in the United States.

The partnership is the latest in a series of bridges built between MLS and established European leagues.

At the time of writing, ten Bundesliga coaches have been sacked and replaced in the middle of the season, with at least three more already ready to leave after the season. Often it is due to a poorly done job, but it can also just be bringing in a breath of fresh air. To start a clean sheet and give the team new confidence.

I’ve heard the old cliché about the first game for a new coach several times while talking to players. That combination of the team that fires up and wants to prove itself to the new coach and the team is underestimated by the opposition makes the first game with a new coach the ideal time to back a team.

This is something I have been noticing for a while but have not been able to check the accuracy of. This morning I compiled the complete list of all coaches fired in the middle of the season from the big four (Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A) leagues and checked how the teams fared in the first game with the new coach,
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