UEFA Announced A Postponement Due To The Serious Spread Of The Virus 19


30 October 2020

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With many games and competitions Affected By the coronavirus outbreak around the world.
UEFA announced a postponement In China, officials tried to limit The spread of coronavirus has delayed the start of the season. Football match For several months And a high-level team

At least one person Was left in the Middle East For several weeks Without being able to return From training camp to warm up In South Korea, the fans who attended the event. Last month Get checked for fever

Before permission Inside the stadium And the mask was widespread In Japan recently Until when the official announced that there will be no league play. Until at least Mid March. But the impact of coronavirus

In the world cup calendar Cross border as well Football Confederation Of Asia proclaimed Three weeks ago That the championship The greatest club Related to the Chinese team Will not be played for many times

Month and in Vietnam Has forbidden from hosting What kind of sporting event this month? Now the interruption Has spread to Europe In Italy, where the confirmed number of coronavirus cases is near 300.

On Tuesdays at least one game - knockout second leg. On Thursday during Bulgaria's Internazionale of Milan and Ludogorets in the Europa League will have to play by a goal. The official closure remains limited. Public assembly in north Lombardy

The start of the football season in many countries has been delayed due to concerns. About the spread of coronavirus
Tuesday's decision to play the game with no audience coming After the Italian authorities Postponed four games of the past weekend. Inter Milan, the top contender of the Italian league, said

This decision As a result of talking With health workers In Lombardy and the football administration Of Europe like UEFA during the game can not be canceled. There is no other game date with Ludogorets.

Believe for the first time At European football matches had to be played behind closed doors due to a health crisis. Will be assigned to With the team to be Punishment for

Fan violence or racism Inter, which is owned by a Chinese company. Has done To reduce the risk To the employees of the company from the virus Unnecessary staff Have been told

To work from home and the club has bought stocks of face masks And hand sanitizer For team headquarters The decision to go ahead with Thursday's match at the San Siro Stadium.

Milan was confirmed on Tuesday. Inter, whose bigger game on Sunday is set to visit top-ranked Juventus, was one of four Italy's postponed games in the country's top league last week.


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