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30 October 2020

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➡️➡️Hi guys , today i'm going to tell you about a legit captcha typing website ( till paying) by which you can earn any kind of amount (.01$/.10$/1$) . Earn as much you want  but you need patience & give time . You can take it as part time work . If you are new in online job , you are searching for legit website you can check  the site . 

➡️➡️Start working with the site is very easy . Some simle step just :
1. Registration
2. Pass the training
3. Start earning.

➡️➡️Point 1 : [ You can use vpn to get more recaptcha's if you want to work with their android application . Paid vpn can help you to get more recaptcha's but you can use free vpn . You will find many free vpn on google play store . Choose a best one. ]

➡️➡️Point 2 : [ I will provide you their website link , android app link at the end of the post. ]

➡️➡️Point 3 : [ At first you need to register, pass a training then you can use their app, telegram etc for work. Don't worry the training is very easy. ]

➡️➡️So let's start . Step by step for your help .

➡️➡️Step 1 ( Registration ) : At first you need to get registered .

➡️➡️Step 2 ( Pass a training ) : After registration you need to pass a training . Without passing the training you can't start working.

➡️➡️Step 3 ( Work ): You can work using their

➡️➡️--- website
to work with website you just need to login and start working by clicking the option ' start work '

➡️➡️--- Android application
To work with android application you just need to install an application from google play store . Then copy your client key from your account and paste it to your installed application and start work .

➡️➡️--- Telegram bot
To work with telegram bot you just need to click the link , verify your account and start working .

➡️➡️--- PC software
You need to download software for working with software .

➡️➡️(I will prefer you to do work with their android app because it's first . Please connect with a free vpn to do work with app. You can use paid vpn for better results )

➡️➡️[ All of the medium ( app, telegram,pc software ) you will find in your account dashboard ' 2 captcha bot to access recaptcha ' section .

➡️➡️Step 4 ( Payout ) : Minimum withdrawal amount is .5$ . After reaching minimum withdrawal amount you can easily withdraw the amount by clicking ' request payout ' option .

➡️➡️## Registration link ( website link ) :

➡️➡️## Android app link :

➡️➡️ Registration is free . You don't need to pay anything for registration . Thank you .



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