The changing face of the news


30 October 2020

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The face of the news is undergoing a massive change right now. Both newspapers and television stations are rapidly losing viewers on the Internet. The Internet now allows far superior news coverage for consumers, and traditional news companies fail to stay relevant and keep up with the demands of readers.

One of the main benefits of the Internet is the ability to personalize the news based on the interests of the reader. The dynamic nature of the Internet means that as the reader opens the page, its content can be pulled from many different places so that each person has their own version of the story. The days when everyone opens the newspaper to read about soccer are numbered. Instead, each person will choose the sections to read about based on their interests. Only those who are interested in soccer will have a soccer section, others may have a dance or karate or sailing section or whatever their interest is. People with interests in these niche topics will feel more connected to your interests than ever, and the amount of news available to those people will increase as demand for these niches increases.

However, many traditional newspapers have moved onto the Internet without understanding the power of the Internet. Their websites are simply an electronic version of their traditional paper copy. They only have a limited number of categories that they cover and readers are still forced to read the topics that publishers consider 'news'. Also, traditional newspapers have very poor coverage of many niche categories (on the rare occasions they do cover these topics). Writers assigned to the task often have very little understanding of the category. These reporters write for the misunderstood reader and make frequent mistakes and often wrong terminology. Niche news sources provide much better coverage of these niche topics, as writers are often passionate about the topic they cover. As a result, they are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the subject and can provide interested readers with a far superior, well-written article.

The future of news is in personalized news sites that collect the best news from specialized websites. These sites can provide high-quality news tailored to the reader's interests. As people become more aware of these news sites, the exodus from traditional media companies to these new personalized sites will be even faster,



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