The attitude of ownership of the footballer


30 October 2020

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Young children begin to dream of being NFL players as soon as they are old enough to play competitive sports. With all the hero worship, it's easy to see how talented soccer players develop a particular attitude from high school or middle school. Players are given special privileges, allowed to skip classes, and sometimes even given special consideration when it comes to test scores and grades. Whatever it takes to make sure the team has the best chance of winning. By the time a gamer has become a high school superstar and scouts are courting, he is well ingrained with the attitude of entitlement.

Once a football player is successfully drafted into a varsity team, his behavior and attitudes may rise to the point where he believes he is beyond reproach and should not be punished if he is caught doing something deemed unimportant. ethical or illegal. If the coach, team, and teachers let problems slide once, they will surely be happy to let them slide over and over again. One cover-up leads to two, and so on. That's the return a player expects when he goes to great lengths, mentally and physically, to ensure that he is an asset the team cannot live without. He wants them to know that they couldn't win without him.

By the time superstar college athletes are drafted into the NFL, they are no stranger to the perks and privileges of the successful soccer player. This is the point where so many athletes find themselves in legal trouble for committing some of the most ridiculous crimes. They are making millions of dollars and feel that they can keep getting away with breaking laws and hurting people, sometimes fatally. It is no longer a surprise to hear that a professional athlete is involved in a legal scandal.

Recently, many of these players have been held accountable for their actions. Perhaps that means that the tide is turning and soccer players will finally have a higher standard. For many, the cost has been public humiliation and perhaps a suspension. For others their stupidity cost them their careers and some have even been sentenced to prison. Michael Vick was sentenced to prison for dog fighting. Pacman Jones was involved in a fatal shooting at a nightclub. Chris Henry made a habit of being arrested for DUI, weapons charges, and even drug possession. Hopefully the example of the mistakes and consequences suffered by some of the most famous will change the attitude of those who are to come.


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