The future of sports games


30 October 2020

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The evolutionary steam train of games continues to advance. Twenty years ago, games were a virtual nothing, basic games with few features and levels with almost nothing to offer in depth.

Today, we have blu-ray discs containing gigabytes of data and days after days of gaming, and the industry has become massive. There are no signs that this growth is abating. Make no mistake about the fact that the future will be very exciting in the world of consoles and games.

The type of game that I am focusing on here revolves around sports. Sports games are everywhere - soccer, tennis, basketball and more available at our main street entertainment stores - and they continue to advance along with technology. Some game companies continue to push the limits, but what does this mean for the future of sports games?

Depth and detail

As we continue to push more data into our consoles, along with more memory and faster processing methods, the depth of games continues to increase. Whereas ten years ago a game simply allowed you to play tennis against a random opponent or soccer as one country against another, now we have so much depth that we can manage playing styles, budgets, clothing, press coverage and more. This kind of detail is meant to make the gaming experience feel more and more like real life and can already be seen in many current gaming franchises.

Gameplay and graphics

These are two more areas in which sports games have become much more advanced in recent years. Graphics will continue to improve as teams of people work on the appearance of the games. Even in the best games there are still glitches and the occasional action that seems unreal. On top of that, artificial intelligence will keep advancing and will make things like tactics, player psychology, and other areas more like real life.

Motion Sensor Games

There are already consoles and games that offer motion sensors, but this new technology is still in its infancy. Some people may not want to participate in a game like this, but in certain tennis titles and more, we have already seen this used to good effect. Aside from being impressive and enjoyable, there are also health benefits, as the extra movement involved in motion sensor gaming can be good exercise and has even been marketed as a way to lose weight,


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