Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy


03 November 2020

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Address: Kunyu Mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai, Shandong 264100 China

Phone: +86 136 9638 1880

Where else should you get Shaolin Kung Fu training from but an authentic Shaolin temple? Since 2004 our Shaolin training masters have trained thousands of students of all levels on the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Surrounded by the majestic and deeply spiritual Kunyu mountain range, our Shaolin monastery training in China offers you every opportunity to learn Kung Fu Shaolin and reach your potential.
The shaolin training masters at our school in China are top warrior monks from Shaolin temples who have many years of martial arts training experience. With the wisdom of Shaolin monks and the combat skills of our masters, you'll succeed in this scenic land that's rich with Chinese history and tradition.


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