Why Professional Photo Printing is a Must for Great Photography


03 November 2020

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Before getting into the photo printing business, like most people, I didn't really understand the difference between professional photo printing and inkjet or other types of photo printing. By partnering with a professional photo printing company, I quickly learned the difference between the two. And what a difference! This has become very important to me and I hope that by explaining what distinguishes professional photographic printing, you share my enthusiasm.

Very few people understand what is meant by professional photo printing, especially real photo paper processing. Kodak Endura Real Photo Paper is a high-quality, durable paper that creates amazing photos through exposure to light and silver halide processing. Regardless of your skill level, once you see your photos printed on real photo paper, you'll never want them printed any other way again.

So how does this process work?

To save you a lot of scientific jargon, let me give you the basics. Photo paper is exposed to the light of laser light. The exposure stimulates the chemicals in the paper by coating it with very small diamond shapes. They overlap so that there are many diamonds all over the paper. The paper is then passed through a warm RA4 chemical bath to stimulate and seal the colors. Due to the light sensitive paper, it is still loaded in a dark room. The machines are also adjusted with each new roll of paper to ensure that color quality is always consistent. Therefore, the colors of your photos will also match the colors of all photos in the future. This is particularly good if you are selling reprints of a photo.

Why should I care?

Professional processing of real photo paper is a process used to develop the photos of many professional photographers. When you have a professional photographer shooting an event like your wedding or taking portraits of you, chances are they developed the photos through this process. The intensity and depth of the color created by diamonds is so superior that it is insane to compare these photos with photos made with inkjet processing. They also have amazing neutral and black doubling. Unfortunately, many and I mean MOST of the places where people print their photos are not professional photo printers and use inkjet to print their priceless photos. Even some professional labs that expose photos to light using this process also use inkjet or press printing. So be sure to ask how your photos will be printed before deciding on a professional lab or where you want to print them!

Kodak Endura media are held to an extremely high standard. Kodak Endura Professional Real Photo Paper and Media undergo meticulous evaluations to ensure consistently superior product. Kodak ensures that its products meet the highest standards in many areas, including color, rendering, and post-processing.


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