03 November 2020

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Info: Just register. It's a Russian project. The project brings you referrals and automatically earns you money.
There are three alternatives you can pay for. The project started from 3.11.2020 15:00 Moscow time.
I recommend subscribing to all three so that you can earn money as soon as possible, as much as possible and as quickly as possible. I earned 720 rubles in the first two hours.
Wallet for deposits and withdrawals: Payeer

1. GOOD, Activation: 220 rubles (approx. 2.25 euros), Earnings max: 1,057,500 rubles.
2. GOOD, Activation: 440 rubles (approx. 4.51 euros), Earnings max: 2,115,000 rubles.
3. HAPPINESS 3, Activation: 880 rubles (approx. 9.02 euros), Earnings max: 4,230,000 rubles.

Other info:
How to start making money
Just activate the site. The more pages you activate, the more you can earn.

How to activate the page
Top up your balance with an amount equal to the cost of activating the page (220, 440, or 880 rubles or more if you want to activate multiple pages at once) and click the "Activate site" button in the Earnings section.

How to top up your balance, withdraw money or transfer to another user
In the Deposit / Withdrawal section, select "Deposit", "Withdrawal" or "Transfer" and fill out the form. To withdraw money, you must specify a wallet in the Settings section.

How to invite recommendations
In the Referrals section, copy the referral link. Send the link to known people by e-mail, via social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, etc.), via messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.) or in another way.

How to set an avatar
Click the image next to your name above your personal account menu.

How to change personal data and password
In the Settings section.

How to start receiving 1,057,500 rubles
Just activate the page WELCOME for 220 rubles.

Immediately after activating the WEEK platform for 220 rubles, you will join the recommendation structure of the participant who will receive a recommendation on the board. 100 rubles of your payment will be used to purchase level 1 from the person directly above you (from the level 1 curator). Your sponsor will receive 120 rubles: a clone will be activated for 100 rubles and 20 rubles for selection.

Filling in the structure of recommendations
You do not have to invite links, you will receive them from the system. All participants, in turn, will receive recommendations in their recommendation structure.

Clones of recommendations. When your link activates the site, it buys you a clone. This clone joins your referral structure, not the general one. By inviting recommendations, you accelerate the completion of your structure and increase your overall earnings.

Level 1 will be assigned 3 recommendations. You sell each level 1 for 100 rubles, for a total of 300 rubles. The first 100 rubles are credited to your balance, you can withdraw the money from the balance to your Payeer wallet. The remaining 200 rubles will be used to purchase a level 2 from the person standing above the level 1 curator (from the level 2 curator).

Level 9 will receive 9 recommendations. You sell each level 2 for 200 rubles, for a total of 1800 rubles. Your balance will be credited with the first 2 payments of 200 rubles, for a total of 400 rubles. 3 and 4 payments will go to the purchase of clones, from each payment 2 clones, a total of 4 clones. The rest of the payments (1,000 rubles) will be used to purchase level 3 from the person above your Level 2 curator (from the Level 3 curator).

27 recommendations get to level 3. You sell each level 3 for 1,000 rubles, for a total of 27,000 rubles. 2, 4, 6 and 8 payments of 1 000 rubles will go to the purchase of clones, 10 clones from each payment, a total of 40 clones. The rest of the payments will be charged from your balance for a total of 23,000 rubles.

Total earnings
From one place you get a choice of 23,500 rubles. You will have 45 sites: 1 main + 44 clones. You will get a total of 1,057,500 rubles (45 seats × 23,500 rubles).

Withdraw money to your bank card
Start with a Payeer wallet to which you will withdraw money from the balance. It is easy to transfer money from a Payeer wallet to a bank card.

If you have bought a level you have not yet bought
For example, Level 3 mediation bought you a third level, and you only bought the second level. In this case, the money will be frozen at level 3 and will be credited to your balance when you purchase level 3.

If you did not activate the site, but your recommendation has been activated
You get 20 rubles, but he buys a clone for your sponsor. If the sponsor also did not activate the website, then its sponsor, etc.


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