Fantasy football information: Do not expect Moss to get T.O. Write years with th


03 November 2020

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Here is some fantasy football information that fantasy football books and magazines are likely to disagree with. However, if you are a quality fantasy football competitor, you know that you have to rely on many sources to get your fantasy football information. Bank on this: Randy Moss will not experience the wild success that Terrell Owens had when the latter switched teams last season. In fact, look for a drop-off in Moss' numbers in the upcoming fantasy football season.

Do not make me wrong. Moss has been really amazing in his career and I think he is one of the best wide outs in the National Football League, although he often likes to run his mouth more than his passing routes. If he's healthy, he's probably good at 85 catches and 10 touchdowns. These are good numbers; they are not typical Randy Moss numbers. Fantasy football owners have come to expect far more from Moss, and many will believe that the team change will not hurt his fantasy football production. Some will even believe that his number will increase. Do not get caught up in this fantasy football information myth.

Here are a few reasons why Moss will not have the same success that Owens had in either the National Football League or in your fantasy football league. First of all, Moss leaves a star quarterback and goes to a team with an average quarterback. It's hard to ignore the fact that Culpepper will no longer be the one throwing football in Moss' direction. Instead, he's likely to have Kerry Collins, a journeyman with a sketchy football resume. Second, even though Moss moves alongside a more experienced receiver in Jerry Porter, he leaves better receivers in Nate Burleson and Marcus Robinson. Finally, the Vikings' better offensive line gives more time for deep quarterback falls, allowing Moss to run the deep routes where he earned his living. He does not have this luxury in Oakland and it will show up in his fantasy football stats.

So while all the other fantasy football books and magazines and so-called experts are pushing Moss to a high choice in the first round, use the safest available fantasy football information - the information that says Moss is a risky choice. There will be much better players in places 1 to 10, where Moss will go in most leagues. Get one of them and you will get far, while one of your opponents will whine all year, watch Moss talk more and score less,


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