Information about football on the sand


03 November 2020

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The custom version of American football is called Arena Football. The game is intended to take place in a basketball stadium. The sport is designed as a high speed and scoring option for outdoor games. There are several regulations in the sport of sand soccer that are different from outdoor soccer; however, the most notable difference is the smaller playing field. This sport is played on a fifty yard field with an eight yard end zone. The playing field is as spacious as the hockey rink.

The sport is famous for its padded walls that surround the sports field. Ramparts are particularly popular because there is the potential for players to be knocked against the padded walls and because fans are sitting on the back of the walls, often leaving them only a few feet from in-game activities.

The soccer game also features 2 large rebound nets at each end of the playing field. The ball can be kicked or thrown out of the nets and will stay alive. Field goals are only nine feet wide, increasing the chance of missed goals that can be returned after jumping out of the rebounding net.

The arena's playing field is small, therefore only eight players per team are allowed to play at a time. Most players play on defense and offense, although each team contains a defensive specialist and an offensive specialist who play only as an offensive or defensive player. Players on offense can move vertically, which gives them a chance to start running on passing routes and helps score points.

Scoring in this sport is basically similar to that of the National Soccer League, just like the majority rules on the field. The timing has a little difference as the timer keeps running throughout the game, then ends after every first try within a few seconds to play. There is also a one minute warning instead of a two minute warning. In sand soccer, punts are not allowed, as field goals can be attempted anywhere on the field; the highest potential attempt is sixty-four yards.

The overtime in this ball game is almost the same as in the college football sport, however, with some difference. Each team in the arena soccer game receives 1 offensive possession to score a goal. If both teams remain tied, a sudden death results and the first group to score becomes the winner.

The Arena Football League is the main league in arena football, although there are also several minor leagues. This league began to play in 1987 with four teams. By 2005, the confederation had grown to eighteen teams and they were able to raise their profile thanks to famous owners like Mike Ditka, Jon Bon Jove, and John Elway. The league's championship game, the Arena Bowl was transferred to Las Vegas in 2005,


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