8 reasons why you should switch to online scoring from traditional scorebooks


03 November 2020

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Technological advances in the game of cricket have opened doors for goal scorers, statisticians and even players by offering online scoring tools / apps.

There is nothing wrong with using the paper-based scoring system today, but switching to online or mobile scoring gives you some pretty cool benefits.

Hassle-free score using mobile or tablet

Being a scorer, you know how painful it is to score on a scorebook with multiple crayons, enter scores in multiple columns, etc. With the scoring applications where everything is present as preset icons, it makes it easy to score with just a click of a ball.

2. Maintaining statistics and records is simpler

Imagine keeping the scorebooks at 5 years old and maintaining them in a readable condition, yes it is tiring and not practical. But online scorecards take up almost insignificant space on the servers and they do not need extra care to be in readable condition.

Users can follow live score updates

When scoring in an online scoring app, users who are not physically present on the ground can also follow and enjoy the score updates ball-by-ball. With this power, you have the ability to break the barrier and expand your reach to every corner of the world, even if it is a small size league in rural areas.

4. Data or statistics can be used for analysis after match

Statistics that are recorded give players plenty of insight into understanding how they are performing in the recent time or season. This can be used to hone their skills where they repeatedly fail. Example if a player comes across a particular bowler every time he can work on getting better and stronger against him.

5. Players can track their performance

Players get a chance to continuously visit their stats and keep track of their performance. He can maintain his consistent performance by putting more practice and effort into where he looks weak.

6. Statistics can be easily shared on social media

Statistics could be shared on social media with just one click, giving players and the opportunity to share it with their family, school, friends, etc. He can feel confident and strong with the support he gets on social media from his close people.

7. Coaches and coaches can gain insight from statistics

Coaches have a big pair of eyes to spot the talent and the weak points in their interns. Combining the skills of these coaches with the stats gives them greater power to decide on the player's training and ultimately make him a champion.

8. Players are allowed to keep their stats forever

Whether he is a little timer or wants to make a career out of the game, it is always an incredible feeling to keep all his career stats and visit them again whenever he wants. No one can remember the game when he performed incredibly well at a local match that was 10 years ago. But the online stats will be stored forever and allow players to access it at any time in their lives,


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