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04 November 2020

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Sanjanna Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi ‘s bail pleas rejected |The Drugs issue has been shaking the Sandalwood film industry since two months after the news was broke out and especially it has been highlighted as the two Sandalwood actresses Sanjjanaa Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi were involved in this scandal and arrested. Firstly, Actress Ragini dwivedi was arrested on September 4th and Very soon Sanjjana was arrested on September 8th.

Now ,the latest update we hear in this case is the Karnataka High Court refused to grant bail to both these actresses.After hearing the versions of both the parties,The Court ultimately refused to grant bail to the actresses and three others.The order was passed by a Single Judge bench of Justice Sreeniwas Harish Kumar.

According to the prosecution, the accused allegedly used to arrange parties in five star hotels, pubs, dance bars, farmhouses and casinos and supply drugs to invitees. They allegedly got drugs from Goa, Bombay, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh and even from foreign countries and induced guests to take part in the parties by engaging film stars. During the parties, the accused along with the petitioner allegedly served ecstasy tablets, ganja, cocaine, MDMA tablets and LSD to invitees.

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