Backseat Driving

30 January 2024

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Sarah was busy getting ready in the bedroom as I walked past I noticed the door was slightly open and I could see Sarah on the bed with her legs spread. I had a double look and noticed she had her vibrator out and was playing with her pussy. Before I tell you what happened next let me describe how Sarah looks, she is about 5ft 6 with shoulder length brown hair. She has the best ‘fuck me’ eyes I have ever seen to go with her amazing 36dd breast, with large nipples. Flat stomach and long legs add to how sexy she is, everywhere we go men and women stare at her!!

I pushed the door a little more open and I could feel my cock pushing against my jeans. As she was busy pleasing herself she didn’t notice me … just yet … I stood and watched her for a while putting the 8inch vibrator fully inside her pussy. Sarah’s pussy is constantly moist and her pussy lips are large. After a couple of minutes of rubbing my cock through my jeans I decided to go over to the bed, Sarah said that she had seen me standing there and had left the door open on purpose hoping that I would come in.

I jumped on the bed and starting kissing her all over, working my way from her lips and neck down to her tits and then I started to flick her swollen clit with my tongue, she loves this and after a minute or so I could feel that she was about to cum, so I picked up the pace and started to concentrate on her pussy lips. As she was cumming I could taste how sweet she was.

She started to pull at my jeans and top, I took them off and she positioned herself on the floor she pulled my boxers off and exposed my rigid 9inches. She started to lick the end with her tongue and then slid more and more in; Sarah gives the best head and usually takes the full 9inches in her mouth. As she was sucking me off I realized that she had the TV on and was watching one of the DVDs that I was saving for later!!

It was almost time for Sarah to meet her friends in town so I relaxed a little and decided to let myself come in her mouth and on her face and tits, Sarah looked like a porn star as she sucked on my knob. I could feel myself about to come so pulled my cock out of my mouth and told her to get ready. A few tugs later I blasted spunk on her lips, nose and cheeks which she licked up, dribbling a few spots on to her tits.

Once I was done she stood up, as her tits bounced a turned her round smacked her ass told her to get ready and I’ll drive her into town. When Sarah finally came out of the bedroom she looked amazing in her short black skirt and white boob tube. I thought to myself damn I wish she wasn’t going out. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and that her nipples were erect, you could see them clearly through her top. She walked towards me and gave me a wink.

Once in the car it was only a short drive to wear she was meeting her friends. I told her to ring me when she’s finished and I would pick her up.

It was about 1am when the phone rang and Sarah told me where to meet her. She sounded a little drunk, but that’s always good because it means she’s also horny!!! When I met her she asked if I could give her friend Michelle a lift home, no problems as Michelle also had a short skirt and tight top on. Michelle is older than Sarah at 27 and about 5ft 8. Great legs and every time I see her I swear her nipples get hard, this was no exception.

On the way to Michelle’s the girls were making me laugh because they were both drunk and were talking shit. I asked Michelle how her husband was and she replied "he’s constantly horny"! I noticed Sarah was getting fidgety in the passenger seat and asked if she was ok, "im fine darling, just I was thinking about earlier and now my pussy is wet. I haven’t got any knickers on". I could feel my cock swelling again and then the best thing happened; Michelle put her arm over the chair and started feeling Sarah’s tits!!!

Sarah smiled and rolled her head back; I was concentrating on driving but couldn’t stop looking. I turned to Michelle and her tits were out of her top and she winkled at me. When I turned back Sarah’s tits were also out of her top, she turned to Michelle and they started kissing!!

"Fuck me" I said "when did this start happening?"
"Tonight" Michelle responded, "why don’t you pull of Dave"?

Within 30 seconds I had pulled the car over into a lay by and turned my attention to the girls. As Sarah climbed onto the back seat to be with Michelle her short skirt hitched right up and I got a full view of her dripping pussy, her lips were swollen and red liked she had been fucking for hours. As the girls carried on kissing Michelle moved her hand up Sarah’s skirt and started to rub her clit and pussy. My cock was now in my hand as I watched the girls kiss and Sarah’s pussy get attention from Michelle. Before long Michelle pushed Sarah onto her back and started to lick her pussy, I couldn’t believe my luck!!! Sarah was having body trembling orgasms as her pussy juice was been lapped up by Michelle.

After awhile Sarah told me to join the girls on the back seat, I obliged and sat in the middle of them both. I started to kiss Sarah and she pushed me away and told me to kiss Michelle. I turned to Michelle to see her huge nipples standing erect and she was licking her lips. As me and Michelle were tonguing each other Sarah started to suck my cock really fast, taking the whole 9 inches into her mouth. Michelle then joined her on my knob, 2 girls sucking my cock in the back of my car – what a perfect night!! Sarah left Michelle sucking my cock and told me that she wanted to see me fuck Michelle, at this point I blew my load in her mouth and she ate the lot!

I climbed out of the car and Sarah lay on the back seat as Michelle knelt on the seat with her ass out of the car, she started to lick Sarah’s pussy once more and told me to put my hard cock in her wet pussy. As I got view of her pussy I could tell that the girls had been getting some action elsewhere tonight, her lips were also red and swollen. As I put my cock in she let out a squeal and then carried on licking Sarah. As I was banging away I could see her tits smacking Sarah’s thighs, this was really turning me on, that and Michelle’s asshole winking at me. I decided that now was the time, I took my cock from her pussy and rubbed it on her asshole, it glided in with ease!!! This was it, the car was rocking both girls were screaming and Cuming and I blew my load into Michelle’s ass, once it was all out of me and in Michelle she turned around and squatted over Sarah’s face as the cum dripped from her ass onto Sarah’s lips. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my cock was still rock hard and I started wanking, another load shot from my knob and hit Michelle right in the face, it shocked her and made her laugh but, licked it up like a pro.

Climbing out of the car the girls straightened themselves up as I put my cock away. We all had massive smiles on our faces as I drove Michelle home. As I pulled up to her house she, gave us both a kiss and said that she had an amazing time and that we should hook up again for some more of the same. Sarah suggested the following weekend and that we should get Michelle’s husband, John involved. Michelle agreed and left the car, as she walked to their house she turned round and flashed us her tits!!!

On the way home I asked Sarah what bought that on, she replied by saying "we’ve been to a bar where they were showing porno’s on the big screen and had people shagging in the corners". She then explained that she and Michelle had been fucked by 3 guys in the bar and that they were all amazing but none of them had a cock like mine and she explained to Michelle that she should test it out. I couldn’t believe what she was saying but, she seemed happy – I certainly was and suggested that we should go to this bar together soon.

When we got home, Sarah showed me some pictures that she had taken of her and Michelle being fucked. We spent the whole night fucking, while watching the DVDs.

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