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14 October 2022

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Are you looking for an online signing solution? Online signing platform is here and will only become more widespread. If your organisation needs signing software for the contract signing, Videosign is here to help.

There are use cases for this approach in healthcare, insurance, banking, funeral arrangement, will writing, marketing, recruitment – the list goes on.

Having a contract signed electronically can enable businesses to offer a more secure and compliant way of gaining legally-binding contract agreements remotely, as well as offering better customer service and higher levels of convenience.

Online signing is here and will only become more widespread. If your organisation needs signing software, Videosign is here to help.
Why choose Videosign as your online signing platform?

Online signing has seen rapid growth in recent years, as a result of both the increase in remote working and regulatory changes that have dropped the requirement for wet ink signatures on numerous categories of official documents.

Since 2019 Videosign has provided the most secure and user-friendly signing platform on the market designed to incorporate a flexible e-signing solution with integrated witnessing via video conference.

The whole Videosign online signing process is browser-based, which removes the obstacle of installing additional software for both you and your clients.

Videosign means businesses can offer an approach to completing legally-binding contract signings that is more efficient and secure than meeting face-to-face.

The signing platform’s facility to verify the identity of signatories using artificial intelligence facial profiling means a huge number of professions can benefit from improved security and a greater of a degree of confidence that contracts and agreements can withstand legal challenges.

The system works by requiring users to upload a photo of themselves alongside a photo of their passport or driving license. The system checks the likeness, inspects the document for authenticity and can link to external databases for credit checks, criminal record searches and more.

Using Videosign as your signing platform provides the ability to replace the expensive and inefficient process of confirming identities by meeting in person or sending documents via post.

Reassuringly, carrying out these checks via signing software is much less prone to fraud and document loss or damage.

Evidence recorded and stored by Videosign can help to establish the facts and provide robust evidence in the event that any future dispute leads to legal action.

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