Domestic violence: I will never be forgiven and that is normal


25 November 2020

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Each month, a father convicted by justice goes to a specialized center to work on his problems of domestic violence. France Télévisions had met him on November 22, 2019 near Arras, in Pas-de-Calais. His life had just turned upside down after an evening that was way too drunk: "I got into a row with my wife, I inflicted two punches on her in the face. She called the gendarmes. It was justice that helped me because that I could have gone further, "he says.

No more alcohol or drugs
Today he has completely stopped drinking. He said he had no memory of that night of violence last year, he had mixed alcohol and drugs. But for doctors, alcohol and drug use cannot explain everything. "We cannot consider that it is alcohol which is responsible for the violent behavior, explains the doctor Christelle Dubocage, head of the addictology department of the Artois-Ternois-Arras hospital group. It may have been a particle accelerator but not something else "Sentenced to two years with probation and an obligation of care, his wife has not forgiven him, he explains:" I will never be forgiven, and that's normal.


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