Natsuzu VPN Configs Monday - December 07, 2020

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07 December 2020

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Download multiple configs para kung sakaling mabagal ang isang server sa oras at lugar ninyo, or mag down ang server, may insurance kayo at pamalit!!

How to download files:

1. Click on the file you wish to download.
2. After clicking on the file, you will be redirected to a site. In the first 10 seconds after loading the site, you cannot scroll down. Do not worry, it is normal, it is not a bug. Just wait until you can scroll down.
3. After you can manage to move the scroll bar, scroll down a little bit until you see a timer. Wait until the timer expires. Once it reaches 0, you will see a white tab button with a 'DOWNLOAD NOW' caption, click it.
4. Again, you will be redirected to the same site where you cannot scroll down immediately. Just wait again until you can move the scroll bar down. This time, scroll down a little bit until you see captcha. Just check the box and complete the captcha. After the box has been marked as checked, click continue, that will be the start of the download.

STRICTLY FOLLOW THE STEPS ABOVE FOR DOWNLOADING FILES. If any ads appears on your screens, just click X either on the upper right or upper left of the ads.

No Load ❌⚖
Globe/TM Networks
▶️High Speed Servers 🆗️
▶️Watch/Download Movies (720-1080p) 🆗️
▶️Unlimited Surf and Browse 🆗️
▶️Unlimited Upload/Download of Files 🆗️


⏭Japan:🇯🇵 (Psychz Network)
⏭Philippines:🇵🇭 (IP CONVERGE)
⏭Singapore:🇸🇬 (Linode)

⏭Japan:🇯🇵 (Psychz Network)
⏭Philippines:🇵🇭 (IP CONVERGE)
⏭Singapore:🇸🇬 (Linode)

⏭Japan:🇯🇵 (Psychz Network)
⏭Philippines:🇵🇭 (IP CONVERGE)
⏭Singapore:🇸🇬 (Linode)


First Consume
All Networks
(Consumes promo before main data)
First Consume works on ANY AMOUNT PROMO

⚔First Consume Configs⚔
For HTTP INJECTOR ONLY!! .ehi files only

⏭FB10: (TNT)

⏭GigaGames: (SMART/TNT)

⏭GigaStories: (SMART/TNT)

⏭GigaVideo: (SMART/TNT)

⏭GoSakto/GoSurf: (GLOBE)

⏭HomeSurf: (GLOBE)

⏭ML10: (TNT)

For those who want to use no load vpn for online classes, kindly download this modded sockshttp apk, and install it..
For sockshttp, download the .sks configs above..

❗Sockshttp mod:

Enjoy!! And thank you mga lods!!

Special thanks to @pigscanfly for the sockshttp mod..

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