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18 December 2020

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How to :
1. Copy & paste and / or open above link into your browser.
2. Fill in the needed amount; ($10 you have access 5 days, $20 access 10 days, $50 access 25 days and for 1 month $60-62.)
3. If you are facing with high fee, turn on the tick box on "Paying for goods or a service?"
For more details click this screenshot :
4. Click the Continue button
5. After payment is done, wait to receive an email with login details. If you want to have an specific email when i create your account, please write me here:

WARNING!: Please don't write ComicsFood / AllComicBooks or any comic sharing related stuff on your donation notes! Leave it blank would be better. For more details click this screenshot:

I saw many email addresses are not good. After you send money, just send your good email address here: to can create your account and send you login details!

Thanks for always helping and supporting AllComicBooks (now

Download links is disabled for all users. If you want to have access to all comics, you must be subscriber. It’s simple; you pay $10 you have access 5 days, $20: 10 days, $50: 25 days and for 1 month $60-62. If you pay under $10, you will get refund. In 5 days you can download alot of comics, packs etc. These measures are taken to keep allcomicbooks and comicsfood alive.

All comics are uploaded in two filehosts: and because i can store more files and are keeped much longer than other filehosts. Any broken link is fixed in short time after reporting…no need to worry if you want to download some comics and have broken links. All comics from and can be fixed without problem.


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