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23 December 2020

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Renting vestuario laboral - Estas buscando el mejor Renting vestuario trabajo? Nosotros ofrecemos Renting de Vestuario Laboral en Estamos altamente especializados en la gestión y control de ropa de trabajo de empresas e instituciones, contamos con una amplia cartera de clientes que avala nuestra profesionalidad.

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At Lavandería Cobos we attach special importance to traceability , understanding as such the set of procedures that allow us to know the history, location and trajectory of a product along a supply chain at any given time.

That is why, in addition to taking care of the clothes through the use of suitable products and specific programs for each garment, our Renting Solution controls uniformity with a Radio Frequency system, so that all garments have a microchip incorporated that supports all the processes to which we subject the garment: washing, drying, ironing, etc.

The implantation of these microchips and the placement of reading antennas of the same in our plant and in the client's facilities, allow the realization of automatic counts of exit and entrance of garments in both places and to know detailed information.

On the location of the garment, the processes to which it has been subjected, the work assigned to it, its box office number, etc.

This information is also available to you, so that you can, using a specific computer program, make real-time queries on all the information contained in the microchips implanted in your garments.

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