Mini Dental Implants


24 December 2020

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Mini Dental Implants are another great option to replace missing teeth for those Patients who don’t want or can’t get conventional teeth restorations. Mini Dental Implants are a good alternative to traditional dental implants, as their size makes them more affordable, but same in durability and quality as traditional ones.

Mini Dental Implants are the type of dental implants, placed in Patient’s jawbone as artificial root canals. Mini Dental Implants are smaller in size than traditional ones, however, have the same structure and functionality as general dental implants. If you are eligible to get Mini Dental Implants, it can save you a lot of time and money.

Mini Dental Implants are commonly used in places smaller than general implants required to fit, places of incisors or for Patients with generally small teeth. Dentists often use mini dental implants for front teeth and premolar replacements.

Slightly smaller size of Mini Dental Implants makes them more affordable and easier to install. Unlike traditional ones, Mini Dental Implants can be placed and tailored in a single doctor visit with minimal invasion and under local anesthetic.

Even though there is very little size difference with traditional implants, Patients benefit from Mini Dental Implants by saving their time and money.

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