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24 December 2020

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Realtors know little or nothing of construction, so why would you need one? The master builders christchurch would just be in the way. In most cases, homebuilders either have a marketing budget, which includes commissions or they use a percentage profit or markup which includes a commission.  Most builders or their salespersons will advise you that there is no need for you to have a real estate agent.  This might be true if the builder represented your interests instead of theirs. Do you think he does? Did you know that most homebuilders have their own mortgage and title companies, not for your interest, but for theirs?  This is big business for both of them and be assured that those relationships favor the builder's interest way ahead of yours.

The very best arrangement is for you, the buyer, to have a qualified, seasoned, realtor to represent you in a real estate transaction. Would you represent yourself in a lawsuit? You can ask them to justify the commission dollar wise, but remember, as discussed above, you are not the one who will be paying the commission. A good realtor will insist on a professional architect's input. Most buyers will do only a walk-through with the master builders christchurch. A good realtor will insist on an inspection by a licensed professional prior to closing and will attend the inspection with the buyer. A real estate agent will keep a detailed account of the builder's actions and make sure that you are getting the most home for the money. It makes sense.

Choosing a luxury home builder can be a difficult decision, made more so by sales tactics. Although it is in your best interest to interview half a dozen or more builders before making your choice, the salespeople are usually trained in ways to convince you that you don't need to keep looking for making your decision. Here are seven questions that should be on your list. How much experience do they have? Some people may take a chance on an inexperienced master builders christchurch and come out of it okay, but others may not be so lucky. To protect yourself and your investment, you should look for a builder who is experienced in building the type of custom home you are looking for.

What kind of reputation do they have? This is where things such as referrals and word of mouth come in handy. If you know someone who has hired a luxury home builder and been very happy with them, that is probably one of the best recommendations you can get. The custom part comes in when you make subtle changes to a floor plan to make it more like what you want. For instance, you can make rooms bigger or smaller, upgrade appliances, and add cosmetic things such as moldings and trim work. Can they help choose an appropriate lot? Choosing an appropriate lot can be difficult for someone who is not a professional master builders christchurch. Many people therefore feel more comfortable if the builder helps them locate an appropriate lot. If this is important to you, you will want to be sure to ask potential builders if they offer this service.

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