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24 December 2020

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There is no place like one's home to feel especially comfortable. Especially if we have a small garden or terrace, we don't need to go far to enjoy the outdoors and the good weather. With garden elements such as a picket fence, we can also achieve an intimate and personal place.
At Beach Fencing (, we want you to enjoy your garden or terrace as much as possible and that is why in our campaigns, we offer various models of colorbond fence to protect your private oasis from prying eyes.
Fences for visual protection:
Protecting our garden or terrace from the gazes of others and creating a small private oasis is much more than just placing a simple fence or hedge. Many elements such as the stratco fence can be perfectly integrated into the overall style.
You can give the wooden fences a coat of varnish or paint them in colors to match the rest of the garden or other elements such as the door, with white, brown, or green and turn this functional element into the center of all eyes.
Wooden fences for the terrace:
Timber pailing fence is not exclusively used for gardens, but the terrace is also a fantastic place to install them. In addition to being an element of visual protection, wooden fences can act as a railing to save height.
There are also a large number of original ideas to decorate the wooden fences and contribute to the style of the terrace. For example, we can plant a vine to cover the wooden fences in green or hang some pots with flowers to get a colorful touch.
Technical aspects for wooden fences:
Since fence installation is part of the exterior image of our house or apartment, we have to take into account a couple of technical aspects before deciding on their appearance or location.
- Dimensions: The height and width of the wooden fences is not a decision that we can make on our own, but it is important to find out what the maximum allowed is before installing them.
- Design: Many buildings try to preserve a global aesthetic to protect the exterior image of the same. That is why many wooden fences have to respect minimum design guidelines in harmony with the overall set.
We take care of the security of your properties:
At Beach Fencing, we are specialists in the design and fence installation for any type of property. We adapt to the needs of our clients, always seeking to cover them in their entirety.


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