24 December 2020

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LINK: https://www.like4like.#org/?ref=pjdark14

You can earn Subscribers 50-100 daily! Ito po ang Steps madali lang:

1. Click LINK above and register using any email.
2. Log-in and verify email address.
3. You've got 50 credits Signing bonus.
4. To start earning SUBSCRIBES, click the 3 lines on the upper right.
5. Click "Add & Manage Task" then "Youtube Subscribes"
6. Copy-Paste your Youtube Channel LINK on "Youtube URL" then your Youtube Channel name on "LINK DESCRIPTION"
7. Change Credit to "5" then click "ADD URL" button.
8. Wait 5-10 minutes, you've got Subscribers based on credit decrease.
9. To EARN more credits, you have any choices just click "Earn Credits" on upper right 3 lines.
10. If this tricks help your Youtube Channel, visit my Youtube Channel (Patrick Abundo Official) and "Subcribe" then don't forget to say "Thank You" to me. I am not greedy to share this information to my fellow small Youtuber. Merry Christmas!


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