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30 July 2016

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internet marketing website is a pretty good website, it’s very rewarding for me, every day I can see it’s very convenient, this commercial site for my presentation of great products and engage the reader. The car is generally associated items to the owner, in Vietnam it is the property and there is both an inheritance when. So usually when buying a new car (even with motor), with the desire to always be peace and good luck, the vehicle owners often choose auspicious day to worship and shopping offerings. Additionally dealers through services vehicles usually worshiped periodically on 2 and 16 monthly (outside North is 1st and the full moon) offerings at the new way to buy cars and do not worship other normal monthly together, the heart of the car owners to place land on the surface you (meaning spiritually) .Le Cung1 Materials vase (flower) put right censer (incense) 1 left cay1 disk drive salinity maps ( roast pork, boiled pork, boiled roosters ..) or 1 vegetarian plate (if the owner is a Buddhist, Cao Dai ..) 1 stack of gold and silver (as much as possible) 1 disc salted rice (common salt) 3 or 5 or 5 common share tra1 ruou3 Trang3 glass of water or incense (incense) 2 red candle cai.Bai Van KhanHom finger now, Date ... Month ... Year ... car owner name: ... Provide Some: you divine, Shen royal duties scene, Turkish Land, holy gods gods resided and ruled here, the spirits around you dayMoi prices colon Party enjoying life items, upholding the child ... and the car’s number plate ... exodus bring peace, work is always favorable, all the things, for financial donor, who favor prime loi.Con I thank !!! 3 times pouring wine, lit a tea time, pray three times, the last one is invited to get supplies) 45000
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