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07 November 2022

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Chapter 1540 - The ‘666'-shouting Shuhang grandfather scream

Now, turn out to be my analyze theme, Tyrannical Music!

Older person Whitened Two mentioned, [Generate your cognitive energy, I am going to shield it for yourself. By doing this, I can demonstrate the survive transmit.]

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” On screen, body fat baseball, who got just suffered the perfect tribulation carefully guided missiles, nuclear bombs, as well as the holy lighting, claimed under tormenting agony, “White, White… I will absolutely, completely destroy you!”

He leaped forward and grabbed Sage’s eyesight.

What part of a live transmit was probably the most refres.h.i.+ng? Naturally, it had been when viewers were definitely spamming 666, or screaming for any streamer to let them start a youngster for the kids.

Therefore, it absolutely was vital to put in a layer of security primary.


There were practically nothing he could do. Maybe the thing he could do was to help remind everybody in the Nine Provinces Best Class, as well as those cultivators he was aware, to generally be extra careful. Then, if Older person Skylark would demonstrate to her divinity, whenever the Unique Sage Conversation arrived, everyone should prevent looking at the stay transmit, lest they get pregnant all over again.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” On screen, body fat soccer ball, who possessed just suffered the incredible tribulation advised missiles, nuclear bombs, in addition to the sacred lightweight, stated under tormenting ache, “White, White… I will definitely, completely destroy you!”

Melody Shuhang mentioned, “Actually, Mature Skylark… everybody in the world bought expectant not too lengthy back. Wouldn’t it be really harsh when they were definitely to conceive all over again so in the near future?”

Song Shuhang claimed, “Actually, Senior Skylark… everyone in the world got pregnant not that lengthy ago. Would not it be really vicious whenever they were actually to get pregnant once more so soon?”

A conflict between rulers from the Netherworld included a lot of rules and laws. If he were to directly show it to Piece of music Shuhang, the latter could be overloaded and transformed into an idiot.

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The total satisfaction appeal in Senior Whitened Two’s cardiovascular system enhanced a good deal all at once.

Tune Shuhang sensed somewhat conflicted in his center.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” On screen, fat ball, who experienced just endured the divine tribulation instructed missiles, nuclear bombs, as well as the sacred light-weight, explained under tormenting soreness, “White, White… I am going to unquestionably, certainly destroy you!”

Melody Shuhang: [???]

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“Have a taste of maternal really like! Impregnating Gaze!” Without doubt, Piece of music Shuhang forwarded an Impregnating Gaze for the false Skylark facing him.

“Go ahead and are available to address me!” A projection of Senior citizen Bright white Two made an appearance and floated over the explosions, permitting out a pleasant have fun.

The satisfaction value in Older person Bright Two’s cardiovascular increased considerably all at one time.

Senior citizen Whitened built his relocate and additional a level of security to Song Shuhang’s intellect, right before enabling him to discover the stay transmit.

Melody Shuhang recognized, [Elderly Bright is definitely mighty!]

After this battle, he was afraid how the fat tennis ball would vanish.

Music Shuhang sighed and handed the Sage’s eyeball up to Skylark.

Tune Shuhang: [Ah, a good nuking! 666!]

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Today, with the help of the power of the incredible tribulation, the power of holy gentle, and the effectiveness of virtue—all that countered a ruler in the Netherworld—Senior White colored Two was able to launch his most effective offensive in a great many decades with the fats baseball.

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On screen in the mind, the gold virtuous gemstone skyrocketed loudly. Right after the +999-enhanced great gemstone erupted, the wealthy electrical power of virtue, which appeared almost fluid, crafted a water of virtue.

[Shuhang, permit me to explain to you a stay broadcast, hahahaha. It’s very thrilling. There are explosions almost everywhere.] Currently, in Music Shuhang’s imagination, Older person White-colored Two’s speech suddenly sounded.

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The fulfillment price in Mature White Two’s heart increased considerably simultaneously.

The virtuous lamia come about from behind Track Shuhang. She placed her minor hands on Song Shuhang’s eyeball outlet, had taken from the Sage’s attention, and set back Piece of music Shuhang’s original attention.

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I will no longer be concerned about getting pregnant as a result of Sage’s eye.

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F*ck, Senior Skylark’s words are extremely affordable. I can’t oppose her by any means, what must i do?