How to get free Bitcoin? #Cryptofree #LEGIT!!!


14 January 2021

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#Cryptofree FREE BITCOINS!!!
Sign up in the site.
1- go to below link,
->Click This link to join!
->Sign up here!
2- click on sign up,
3- sign up with one of your social media account. Either sign up directly via (Facebook, Google Account or Tru Instagram. 🆗
it will give you 0.002 reward at first.
Bonus 0.002 BTC upon sign up worth 3,685
Ways to get free BiTCoin in the site
one _ FREE BTC
1- from the left menu click on ->FREE BTC,
2- click on “Roll” button.
Click restrictions,
after 1 hour you can click on this button again, 7 times per day you can click on this button. I suggest you to bookmark this page to easily access it.
There are 5 games : Spin, Black/Red, Safes, Dice and Lottery.
Games are accessible at the left menu.
I suggest you don’t play this games because you are more loser than winner.
1- From the left menu click on Progress,
2- Click on “Get!” button if it is activated.
keep in mind that these rewards won’t add to your account automatically and you must come here and click these buttons.
1- From the left menu click on Referrals,
2- Send your referral link to your friends.
it will give you 0.002 BTC reward for first 10 online day of your friends.
I put my referral link in the Sign up section.
1- From the left menu click on Withdrawal,
2- Select destination type,
3- Enter destination address,
4- Enter amount,
5- click on Withdraw button.
minimum amount for Withdraw is 0.2 BTC.
click 7 times per day and get 0.00001 reward
and get Progress section rewards.
(I just include Online days and number of click on free roll.
Reminder: 🎯🎯🎯
Be Active Always, Be Active Daily, Be Active Everyday, to get more bonus on your 'Achievements' online you can see on the "Progress" tab/section.
#Happy Earning's Everyone.


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