Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Market Size, Share, Shipment Cost, Price 2028

20 March 2023

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Revenue from the Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Market industry reached US$2.82 billion in 2021. By 2028, the market will have grown at a CAGR of 5.2% and be valued at US$ 4.05 billion.

Growing use of antibiotics in treating even the most common health conditions remains a strong factor boosting demand for antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST). Increasing government funds for microbial and antibiotic susceptibility testing research and consistently improving outcome of PPPs in terms of enhanced screening and evaluation of antibiotics are playing a pivotal role in strengthening the performance of antibiotic susceptibility testing market.

CDC’s ‘AMR Challenge’ involving bioMérieux is a recently announced as objective to accelerate research efforts in the field of microbial resistance.

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A recently published research intelligence on the global antibiotic susceptibility testing market by Future Market Insights tracks the top five influencers pushing demand and revenue growth of the market at a global level.

Infectious diseases, prevailing at a high pace
Increasing rate and tenure of hospitalization
Growing significance of early diagnostics
Soaring research interests in microbial susceptibility testing
Improving funding scenario for research, driven by governments & private bodies
Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 4.05 Bn by 2028, expanding at a CAGR of 5.2%

Research in Screening of High Pathogen Concentration Samples to Propel Demand for AST

The process of spotting a specific set of genes responsible for antibiotic resistance is highly complicated when it comes to handling the complexities associated with samples that have high concentration of pathogens.

Some of the highly desirable antibiotic susceptibility testing systems that allow direct-from-sample pathogen identification through high pathogen concentration samples, are thus likely to gain high traction in coming years.

Growing research efforts in the recognition of the presence of a specific set of antibiotic resistant genes can direct efforts for identification and selection of narrow-spectrum antibiotics, which remains among the most prominent factors pushing installed base of such antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment.

A few recent launches in this segment include Genmark Diagnostics’ ePLEX Blood Culture ID Panel, Biomerieux’s BioFire FilmArray, and Luminex Corp.’s Verigene Bloodstream Infection Panel.

The report also sheds light on the increasing role of Ecommerce in the market by boosting the availability of antibiotic susceptibility testing systems. Offering improved access to susceptibility testing devices by industry’s leading brands, online retail operators have been attracting prominent vendors in the global antibiotic susceptibility testing market.

A number of vendors dealing in antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment are opting for devices that are available online owing to the significantly reduced costs and additional discounts on price.

Entry of Technologically Advanced AST Systems to Favor Market Growth

As indicated by research, the sales of antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment will witness healthy growth owing to increasing demand for specific susceptibility testing systems to define the scope of targeted therapy. Targeting key pathogens is imperative to design a highly specific plan of treatment for a particular patient, and antibiotic susceptibility testing systems efficiently allow researchers to achieve it within a significantly short timeline.

With FDA approving a considerable number of antibiotic and microbial susceptibility testing equipment, especially in the recent past, FMI forecasts an impressive installed base for antibiotic susceptibility testing systems in coming years. Advanced technology enabled antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment allows early diagnosis that in turn improves chances of developing targeted therapy earlier. One such recent advancement enjoying visibly growing traction in market includes oCelloScope. This antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment by BioSense Solutions is an optical susceptibility screening system with the capability to deliver real-time, time-lapse imaging of multiple microbial combinations, simultaneously.

Recently, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. and Becton, Dickinson and Company received FDA approvals for their new launches in antibiotic susceptibility testing space. Moreover, FDA passed an approval to a susceptibility testing device by bioMérieux that has an expanded capability to identify a particular pathogen.

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