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29 December 2021

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For a lot of travelers, Bali is the unique island of this Gods, or perhaps the island in thousand temples or wats. These are just simply two of the nicknames, given to Bali simply by clever travel marketing people.

That sounds mysterious and exciting. And for many travellers it is more than enough to visit many temples, to admire the exotic charm of one other world from the outside,

and possibly appreciate some cheap massages within a spa. On my first trip to Bali that is enough for me personally also. Nevertheless I was contaminated at the same time. Your virus possessed overwhelmed me personally. A disease called Bali. Since the times I have been to Bali very often, make many close friends and qualified the "real", the original Bali. The Bali beyond the illusory tourism-world.

For several years When i stayed, anytime I have been to Bali, with my Balinese adoptive spouse and children. I distributed their each day live. So I got extremely deep experience into the lifestyle of the island. And then it happened, that I met the Balinese Vespas.

Astonishingly, there is a very interesting Vespa landscape in \. This is because during Java before the year 2001 Vespas were produced. The scooters have become often absorbed by "young guns" to get ready them. will find three part. The first tries to reestablish Vespas consistently. In this scene, you can meet real beautyful scooters.

There are also two other types of "scooterists": excessive and gembel. The "extreme" change all their Vespas frequently so , that you wouldn't suppose there is still a vespa-engine in the center of the new vehicle. We have a range from "choppers" to a number of trikes and even small autos.

The "Gembels" (the Indonesian word 'gembel' = inadequate, ragged, torn down), nonetheless attach maximum importance on their Vespas only ragged, ripped, rusted and almost like a shifting pile from garbage come along. There are cracks cut into your bodies and everything is certainly omitted, that is not absolutely necessary. Frequently have Gembel Vespas sidecars through a program with a bamboo sheets roof, maybe even the classic sidecar-form as permeable grid composition made of pipes welded together.

All this is achievable because a car inspection by simply authorities is not going to performed. If there are reports in which the frame number and engine amount are revealed correctly, you may unscrew the license sheet of the "former" Vespa, in other words it within the redesigned motor vehicle - without any one complains... Common to every scooteristsin Dalam negri is, quite possibly organized through clubs exactly where close cohesion is employed. And of course that could get into shared travels. Highlights are as in The european union, the big Vespa meetings.

We from Bali Vespa concert tour can offer tourists the experience to participate in tours with members in the local Vespa scene. Our guests is certain to get deep in the Balinese way of life on each of our trips (including mixed Vespa / trekking). They come to places the fact that other people to Bali have rarely seen. And finally they will have sufficient contacts with friendly locals who will not want to trade anything to the guest, since it happens in other places in the situation between travellers and Balinese way too quite often.