26 January 2021

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Website: https://www.influenster.com/reviews/zylast-xp-antiseptic-lotion-8-oz

Zylast produces an antiseptic hand sanitizer among other health and beauty products. Zylast can be 100 times more effective than alcohol alone according to fda.gov. Zylast contains 76% ethyl alcohol and benzethonium chloride and has been tested against some of the biggest names in germ-fighting hand sanitizers, such as Purell Advanced and Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer to compare effectiveness. Zylast antiseptic hand sanitizer can be purchased online via influenster.com, and directly from the company’s website at zylastdirect.com. You can shop Zylast’s line of products, including hand sanitizer, foaming soap, and lotion at prices comparable to some of the other higher end antiseptics and sanitizers. And what better time to try out a new germ-fighting, virus-killing, antiseptic product!

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