Permeable pavers


26 January 2021

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Permeable pavers are used for permeable pavement; this kind of pavement is composed of concrete. It is commonly used in driveways, parking lots, walkways, and low-traffic areas. These pavements are eco friendly and also it is suitable for high-speed traffic areas, hot climates, and less traveled areas. The common type of permeable pavement is traditional concrete pavers (asphalt), plastic pavers, and concrete pavers. In concrete pavers, there is space between concrete blocks which helps to better drainage. Plastic pavers have a honeycomb shape that allows grass to grow through the holes. Permeable pavers are made using recycled material. Which place less pressure on the environment to produce material to build pavements and driveways. Another main benefit of installing permeable pavement is stormwater management. It helps to manage stormwater efficiently by re-establishing a natural hydrologic balance. Permeable surfaces permit water or air to pass through freely. It is a solid surface that you can walk park and drive on.
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