26 January 2021

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Albendazole Powder can be used as a "population" for the treatment of variuos desseases. It is used in mono-and multi-invasions and has positive reviews. Albendazole tablets, among other things, inhibits the use of glucose and prevents organolepis from moving in the muscles of worms, leading to their death.

It is an antiparasitic preparation with a wide therapeutic effect. Assign it to monoinvades and mixed types of helminthiasis. The form of release - tablets and suspension. The active substance is albendazole.

How to use albendazole capsules - light gray or white liquid, 100 ml of the drug contains 2.5 or 10 g of the main substance. Additional ingredients - alcohol, citric acid, distilled water, methylcellulose. The albendazole capsule is sold in 100 ml glass containers or in 1000 ml polymer bottles. Albendazole capsules should be stored in a suspension at a temperature not exceeding 15 degrees for 24 months. Albendazole Powder is a white powder, containing 400 mg of the active substance.
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