Tom Mckerrow of Bristol, UK - DASH Treasury Scammer


26 January 2021

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Tom Mckerrow of Bristol, UK - DASH Treasury Scammer

In this document, I describe the details that transpired concerning the theft of 60,000 GBP from the DASH Treasury by Tom Mckerrow from Bristol, UK.

Tom Mckerrow of Bristol, UK ( and his team was one of many Dash Treasury proposals in what was one of the most legendary years for bitcoin, 2017.

In the beginning, Tom seemed to uphold a professional front, but only one year later it would seem that any work on the documentary had mysteriously vanished and all of the accounts associated with the project went dead.

What started as a proposal for a documentary called "Dash Documentary" on the Nov 5, 2017, would evolve into "Beyond Bitcoin" by the 1st of February 2018 and finally "The Trust Protocol" around the 13th of May 2019 as detailed in this very revealing video interview of Tom by CoinScheduleTV; [url=][/url]

The Original proposal:

Original documentary update thread: (towards the end of the thread and to be honest even early on you can clearly see how confidence in Tom who we believe operated the forum account dropped dramatically)

Original treasury proposal:

As mentioned prior things seemed to start well, albeit a little slow, one of the first short pieces of film they produced for us was for the DASH Poker Tournament in Portland Meadows, Oregon;

The production quality was impressive and with high expectations we saw Tom Mckerrow and his partner Liam Turner ( (who operating as the chief production manager at the time, filming and editing much of the content) travel to many conventions worldwide for on our behalf.

Personally, we started to get concerning feedback after a number of their abroad stints where a few individuals reported that Tom Mckerrow had been using cocaine, in what seemed to be a fairly frequent manner, that a few individuals reported strange conversations with him when he appeared to be high on drugs concerning topics about Aleister Crowley and black magic, and jokes being overheard among him which were of a concerning pedophilic nature. A few higher status members at a few conventions he attended reported that they had suspicions he had been inappropriately filming them on his phone camera without their knowledge and that it had made them feel uncomfortable. This really is just a fragment of the feedback we received which we found deeply concerning.

It was at this point we started to question the people we had allowed allocated a significant amount of budget to.

And then in mid-June of 2019 everything went silent, we noticed that the YouTube channel hosting the original DASH Poker Tournament video had changed its name to "OracleFilmsUncensored" and now operated on a new branded YouTube URI

After some investigation, it turns out this is a company run by Tom's chief of production Liam Turner which still operates today at; it is a company that seems to mostly be involved in the production of videos for the CryptoNites YouTube channel;

I think the real kick in the teeth was when we discovered just three months after the radio silence that Tom had been reselling the video content that he had been filming as part of our treasury agreement to produce a documentary about primarily DASH as well as other cryptocurrencies to as you can see in one video here

By all means, we certainly feel like Tom Mckerrow fleeced us and that much of the budget we gave him went vastly unaccounted for.

Various links once operated by Tom Mckerrow and his team:


Originally the idea for a DASH documentary came from Nick Hopton, a larger than life fellow from Bristol mentioned in the following news article;

Nick Hopton was an early investor in DASH and proposed the original idea to submit the proposal to the Dash Treasury using his 50 DASH. At that time Nick was undergoing some medical issues and after an operation had to take some time off in recovery. During this period he trusted Tom Mckerrow with the funds for the entire project.

This is when Tom Mckerrow decided to steal the entire project funding and essentially kick nick out of the project, Tom and Liam conspired to do this from day 1, even when buying the equipment they did very childish and mean things like buying the latest GoPro's for themselves but only buy Nick a second hand one of the last generation, not the latest like they had, they would laugh between themselves in front of me concerning details like this.

While Tom was taking advantage of Nick, Liam was taking advantage of Tom. Liam is no part of this is innocent, in fact, he is the person who eventually out of spite made sure the footage they had filmed for the documentary would never see the light of day, apart from a few videos Tom had personally backed-up.

They did work with nick for a while and I think they paid nick some salary but it was not long until they completely kicked him off the project, and disregarded any footage he had filmed claiming it was "all blurry and out of focus", here is a photo of Nick when he went to visit Dan Hughes of RadixDLT for the dash documentary:
Nick is sitting on the bench while his friend Thomas is operating the camera.

Once Nick had been kicked off the project there was some dispute about paying him back the original 50 DASH investment which Tom and Liam eventually resentfully paid back to him.

Let me stress how Tom and Liam scammed Nick out of his project and it's funding.

It was shortly after this that they employed Phillip Wiseman (personal friend of Liam) and a woman called Rachael Hall, all three of the boys can be pictured here:
(Tom on the left, Phillip in the middle, Liam on the right)

There are not many photos of Rachael remaining because Tom fell out with her and he erased any evidence of her from all social media, although originally she was a core part of the team and in many of the photographs they took.

So what happened with Rachael is that from the very beginning she was out to milk tom of as much budget for as very little work as possible and by all means, Liam was not much different. Rachael was having a sexual relationship with Liam Turner behind Tom Mckerrow's back since the very beginning, and this is while Liam Turner was engaged or married (something to that effect) with a partner who he also had a child with, a partner and child that came to the documentary office on a few occasions while Rachael was "working" there. (it is rumored that he also had sexual relations with other women while also traveling for the documentary, one of which I believe his partner found out about, Rachael I think she still does not know)

Tom was infatuated by Rachael and she took advantage of that, she was a drug addict at the time and was using a variety of drugs but also would spend nights with Tom doing cocaine, marijuana etc all on his documentary budget. Probably a majority of that budget was spent on drugs with Rachael. One gram of cocaine was between 80-150 GBP for Tom and he was not the kind of fellow to just have one bag, he would often buy in 5 grams or more.

So eventually Tom fell out with Rachael because I believe as Tom was "running out of budget" thus he had to let her go (or he found out about Liam and her) she decided to try and get one last payload out of him by threatening him with a lawsuit for indecent behavior and sexual assault in the office. She had basically allowed Tom to engage in this kind of activity with her to manipulate him the whole time and in the end, tried to use it to get more money out of him.

While she worked there she did basically nothing, she actually slowed down the documentary project to protect her interests, tried to leverage more payment, went traveling with them across the USA, etc. I tried to point out how she was delaying tasks to Tom early on to which she got Tom to bark back at me and tell me the operations were nothing to do with me, I had agreed to help tom with the website SEO early on for free and Rachael had not written a single blog entry for their website which was my first and minimum request - to add some unique content with searchable keywords to the site.

The only person who had any real skill was Phillip Wiseman, he was doing the majority of the editing, Tom is essentially a useless idiot and Liam is just a cameraman with very basic editing skills.

So this is how the project went to shit, it was stolen by two greedy scammers from the beginning Tom Mckerrow and Liam Turner, then they employed the parasite Rachael and just pissed the budget up the wall. All while there were actual talented people around them willing to help that they ignored, it's quite disgraceful actually, the person who managed their accounts and wrote the original proposal for them a friend they called "frog" was paid nothing while manipulative people like Rachael were paid more than 2,000 GBP a month, not including the out-of-hours benefits she swindled out of tom in alcohol and drugs.

When the documentary finally blew-up it was a very similar case to the Tom and Rachael scenario only this time it was between Tom and Liam. Tom was being greedy, he had control of the entire budget this entire time and claimed that the project had run out of funding, everyone including Liam knew this was not true and Liam wanted a "fair cut" I assume, of the funding they had both stolen from Nick. Tom was not going to give this to him, so Liam decided to pretend he had deleted all the footage for the documentary accidentally and that was that.

Tom has been living off the remainder of the funding he had gotten from the documentary since, which is a significant amount of money.

Tom is just a child, when anything goes wrong he just cries down the phone to his mommy and daddy, and when it all went tits up they paid off his 10,000 GBP Barclays business loan for him even though he had the funds to pay it off in Bitcoin the entire time.

You know, they could have achieved so much more, all of the footage they had filmed alone could have been cut up into 5-10 minute shorts and uploaded to a YoutTube channel but none of this happened, they just made low-quality social media reposts and such. They did get a lot of brilliant footage they were just too stupid to do anything constructive with it, they had a lot of ego, a lot of narcissism, and truly thought that they knew best.

Tom ended up blinding me in one eye with a 10mw green laser, I've lost 30% of the vision in my right eye, that's why I've decided to come out and tell you all how this went down, he's a useless spoiled little shit who deliberately blinded me in one eye with a laser he knew would cause permanent eye damage. The laser had a warning on it and a key system to activate it, I had also obviously pre-warned him before letting him use the laser.

Don't deal with this guy he is useless, his Linkedin description in third-person was just a copy of how I had structured mine, he is a fool.

As for Liam Turner (Oracle Films / Cryptonites YouTube Channel), he's just a snake really isn't he, he let Tom be the front-man because he knew it would be Tom who took the eventual fall and not him. Liam didn't care about any moral duty to provide the DASH documentary, because he was not in the firing line as far as he was concerned. Liam was only interested in extorting as much money and from Tom in whatever means possible, equipment, travel experiences, payment etc, a true degenerate just like Rachael.

And as for the claim that Tom is a pedophile, I think you only need to spend a short amount of time with him to realize that there's something not quite right about him, many of his jokes do revolve around the abuse of children and he runs many WhatsApp groups that revolve around posting your genitals for some kind of "game" one is called "cock or ball" really to me it just seems like a method of grooming people or desensitizing them, many of toms friends are gay or bisexual, although tom claims to be straight it's quite obvious he swings both ways, usually because women find him repulsive due to his unwarranted and over-inflated ego, and one of his outer-circle friends was caught with indecent images of children on his hard drive.

I'm just saying, I knew this guy for quite a while and it's all true, he was always filming me and other people on his phone without our permission, making creepy jokes, talking about going to freemason meetings, doing funny handshakes. The guy is fucked up. Delusional. Like tarot, black magic, witchcraft, just google him it's no secret he has a Twitter called "The Dark Side of Tom" and plenty of photos on Facebook of him doing strange magic stances.


When he got the budget the first thing Tom Mckerrow did was spend thousands of pounds of it decking his home out with multiple massive 4k TV screens, audio systems, etc, it was the most retarded thing I had ever seen, yet he neglected to replace his broken old sofa which he forced his guests to sit on.

His budget breakdown on the DASH documentary was a total fabrication to cover up his excess spending on himself;

This was a straight-up lie, they paid no deposit and managed to haggle the rent down, it was not 1,800 per month, I heard 1,600 thrown around a few times but I doubt it was even near that. There were no agency fee's because Tom already knew Mr Wolf prior, this is just tom packing out the budget to cover his abuse of the funding:
> Quote
> £5,900 office budget - We are hiring more staff than we originally planned, this is because the rise in the value of Dash has allowed us to bring more people on. We have to get a bigger office to accommodate them, which is located in a well-connected area of Bristol. The rent is £1,800 per month, with a 2-month deposit upfront, plus agency fees of £500. The Room is in a converted tax office which we think will add an interesting intro to the dialog, making a documentary about the future of money in an office that used to house an institute of old money, we like it anyway.

Three staff? Liam, Phil, and Rachael? Seo expert? This was a total lie, they spent some money for a website to be made but it was truly awful. Maybe that Cryptocurrency expert was meant to be me, they never paid me a penny, I did try to help them for free but Rachael annihilated me early on so that she could maintain power over Tom. I took a step back and just watched them tank the project while maintaining a friendship with them all, once every few weeks I would pop by, usually when Rachael was not in the office. I assume the accounting expert was "Frog" the friend I mentioned prior who did their accounts in Excel for free. Also not paid a penny:
> Quote
> £11,000 Staff Budget – Our costs are £3,000 per month, for the three key members. We have also brought on a temporary SEO expert for consultancy for our website, a Cryptocurrency expert who is helping us make sure we can maximize conversions and also keep the money safe.
> An accountant is absolutely necessary for dealing with this amount of money, especially once it is converted into Fiat, and we have hired one this month to start keeping our books.

Obviously, anyone who saw their website, it was garbage, loaded slow the entire time 5-8 seconds for a page load, I was told by Tom they paid 3,000 GBP for it, they got ripped off there. It was made and no further development was done:
> Quote
> £7,000-£10,000 – The development and maintenance of the documentary website, an article website for current news, and a comprehensive blog to accommodate all forms of updates on the documentary. This also includes the cost of web-hosting. This isn’t to be spent in a single session, but rather over the course of the next few months.

First of their website on the 15th of March 2018:

Final of their website on the 18th of January 2019:

Spot the difference.

This was obviously never spent, there was no insurance and no footage backup:
> Quote
> £2,000 – Insurance. This is the big essential, we want to make sure that if anything happens to equipment or footage, that the insurance covers replacement and the ability to reshoot (God forbid). As well as travel insurances, public liability and employee insurance.

PAT testing lol, no pat stickers on anything, utter lies, they did get premium membership on Linkedin to which is all Tom did every day, to be honest, playing a game of mass adding random contacts who would never speak to him or do business with him.
> Quote
> £4,000 – Stock footage licensing, domain purchase, online premium membership (Vimeo, Linkedin), software licensing and plugins, PAT Testing equipment,

It's all just total fabricated manure. Tom Mckerrow is not the kind of person who should be trusted with a large budget he is a child and suffers from a terrible drug addiction.

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