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27 January 2021

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There are many different people who interact during the process of real estate transactions from investors, contractors, loan officers, attorneys, inspectors, banks, appraisers, buyers, sellers, and different local government agencies and authorities. The only constant individual throughout the entire process is Queenstown real estate agents who are actually the coordinator of the real estate process in its entirety. A great real estate agent will be an active listener. To truly understand client needs and know what they desire the agent needs to listen to understand. Exceptional real estate agents share the common characteristic of having an entrepreneurial spirit. They desire the freedom to set their own hours, be their own boss and have the drive to succeed and make a lot of money.

Great real estate agents have the ability to turn problems into solutions and dreams into realities. A common trait among successful agents is a creative problem solving ability such as taking an unattractive listing and knowing how to make it attractive to targeted demographics. To be a successful real estate agent an endearing personality is a must. A shared trait among great Queenstown real estate agents is a magnetic and personable personality. It should be a personality that many people can connect with and relate to and one that allows them to not be afraid to pass the word on to their friends about how great you are as a real estate agent.

There is nothing more important in real estate than their reputation. Your ethics should be about honesty, integrity and prove that you take pride in your community. Joining reputable associations and gaining local accreditations and certifications will help showcase your promise to uphold a strict standard of ethics and practices. To be an exceptionally successful real estate agent you must be tenacious and persistent. They get involved in the local community, take notice of market developments, local market pricing strategies and learn all the unique nuances of their local real estate market. Great real estate agents also know how to develop their own unique position within the local market where they stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Queenstown real estate agents know how to build a huge network of professionals in which they work with. This is a critical aspect of building a solid framework for an exceptional real estate career. A successful real estate agent will have a network full of buyers, sellers, lawyers, loan officers, banks, inspectors, other real estate agents, brokers, appraisers and the list goes on. To be a great real estate agent you must be able to focus on each step of the process for each project or listing you have at any given time. You cannot be distracted or led off into the weeds for even one second. Queenstown real estate agents have to have the drive and motivation to see each transaction through to the end of the long real estate process and then have the tenacity to find the next lead and start all over again.

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