He told him the story of the pond master outside Fort Worth

15 February 2021

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What. Biological Oxygen Demand is important when deciding which system to buy and then which strategies to use operationally.
He told him the story of the pond master outside Fort Worth, Texas, who had a system designed specifically for his lake and liked the concept so much that he bought two.

He thought more is better. In his third year, in midsummer, his biggest and best fish began to die, one or two at a time. He began checking the temperature and oxygen content of his ten-acre lake.

Temperature was taken every morning and oxygen approximately twice a month. From top to bottom, the oxygen was where it should be, and the temperature was 87 degrees, top to bottom. His aeration system was double efficient.

But his biggest fish doesn't like 87 degree water and he couldn't escape. So some of them died. The water was too hot in July in Texas.

He shut down one of the systems and put the other on a timer that ran from 9:00 at night until 9:00 the next morning. It took him about two weeks, but the temperature dropped to 83 degrees and his fish stopped dying.

For our friend in Colorado, his biggest ob

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