BKG Mediation LLC


19 February 2021

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BKG Mediation LLC is a St. Petersburg top-notch, experienced family lawyer and a neutral party in many mediation cases. The company boasts efficient attorneys who are on the board of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators. As an expert mediator, the company acts as a neutral, professional third-party that strives to help all of the people involved in resolving their disputes and issues by leading a healthy discussion. The company will ensure that everyone involved is more satisfied with resolutions, which is part of creating, instead of a solution being forced on them by a third-party decision-maker that they don’t know. The company also understands family issues, such as child custody, adoption, and divorce. It can work on any case that has to do with a family legal matter. 

St. Petersburg, FL 33701 New York
(727) 249-7200


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