The future of Agenda 21

19 February 2021

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Last year the United Nations and the World Economic Forum signed a deal to accelerate the sustainable development goals of UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030:

They moved astonishingly quickly to capitalise on the uncannily timed pandemic by calling for a “Great Reset”.

The Great Reset is actually UN Agenda 21 repackaged. Agenda 21 was also the inspiration for the contentious “Green New Deal” that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez failed to get through US Congress in 2019.

You’ll see more about the Great Reset on the TV in the coming weeks. The UN hope to have most of the heavy lifting done by 2030, as detailed in their Agenda 2030 milestone document.

The climate change lobby have been warning us about the need for this for years:

These are some of the scientists that inform the UN. Within 2 weeks of the last UK Extinction Rebellion protest in 2019, the UK government and the EU declared an official climate emergency. More than half of UK local authorities followed suit. At least 27 countries (or jurisdictions within countries) have signed up to this.

The United Nations have been pushing for a One World Government ever since they were formed after WWII. They want open borders between Canada, the US and South America. The European Union was another crucial part of their plan. It was their attempt at a United States of Europe. Instead, it became an economic disaster zone. The EU managed to completely trash their currency in just over a decade. Record unemployment and record debt. Brexit was the final straw. It was clear that other countries wanted to follow Britain’s lead. Frexit, Grexit, Italexit, Gexit, etc. The EU was on the brink of collapse. Eighty years of painstaking manipulation towards what they call a “New World Order” was swirling down the drain. Brexit forced their hand.

The Elite behind the UN often wield their power in the guise of philanthropy. They do it openly.

Ten years ago, the Rockefeller Foundation produced this document exploring ways to increase their ‘philanthropic’ power over the world. To bring about a New World Order and a One World Government. Sceptics refer to it as the “Lockstep” document.

Examine pages 1-2. And pages 18-19. Does it look familiar? We’re in Lockstep.

There are many influential people shilling for the NWO and global governance right now, including ex PMs Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Prince Charles. Bill Gates called for a One World Government in 2015 in a major German newspaper.

Banks are operating skeleton services and the disappearance of branches and cash machines from the high street has accelerated during the lockdowns. They’re also pushing for a new global currency, probably using blockchain technology. This will allow the banks to adopt negative interest rates and punish account holders for saving. Prominent economist Jim Rickards thinks that this may be as early as the first quarter next year.

The furlough schemes appear to be leading towards a Universal Basic Income for those whose jobs are unlikely to come back. This will make an even bigger proportion of the population dependent on the State.

The COVID-19 contact tracing app on your phone can be easily morphed into a cashless Chinese-style social credit system similar to this:

At the moment, the tracking software is “voluntary”, but the API is now part of your smartphone operating system. It probably won’t be long before you won’t be able to switch it off. The UK government has already introduced a QR Code COVID-secure pass system, which came into effect two days before the London anti-lockdown protest on the 26th September. It has recently come to light that personal data from the app is being shared with police forces. Furthermore, police are being asked not to download the app onto their work phones. Possible explanations are that they anticipate a lot of close contact with the public, or are concerned about the false positive phenomenon.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 allows for DNA to be retained for longer, but it does not say why. Incidentally, they have made it a lot easier to section and forcibly medicate an individual, due to emergency changes to the Mental Health Act 1983. These changes have not yet been implemented in England, but they are in force in Wales.

The 5G network and Elon Musk’s StarLink satellite network will greatly enhance the surveillance capacity for the Chinese style Social Credit System, which might explain why rollout is being accelerated. It also explains why UK networks have been given 7 years to remove suspect Huawei equipment from their networks. Whatever is happening, it will be all over, long before that.

There are already SMART cities in China where you are tracked everywhere you go. Facial recognition cameras and a cashless society enable this. If you jaywalk, buy too much alcohol, criticise the government on social media, or don’t behave yourself, they dock your social credit.

Your ‘privileges’, like going shopping or getting on a train, are taken away. You’re effectively trapped. The police can stop and search citizens anywhere. They can even look on your phone. There are plenty of news items archived on YouTube concerning this. In some Chinese cities, you only have to switch your phone off for 2 hours and the police are banging on your door.

The pessimistic view? The next UK lockdown won’t end unless we submit to compulsory tracking, testing and vaccination. Dissenters won’t be allowed to leave the house to work or travel or shop. We’re on the brink of a house arrest prison system and it will only take a year or two to implement.

I am deeply concerned about any rushed vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies are being granted full indemnity from legal action over injury caused. The 2009 swine flu vaccine was an utter disaster. The UK government has recently lost the battle to pay compensation for the brain injury caused by it.

There are concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines currently being developed. Despite this, the vaccine development programs have scarcely missed a beat.

Chilling indeed. Especially when you consider that the government is already consulting legal experts on the mandatory vaccines.

The argument appears to use the precedent set by the lockdowns themselves.

The expert argue that if you can force people into lockdown to protect others, you can forcibly inject them too.

The Mental Health Act 1983 can also be used to force vaccination. If someone is judged to be a risk to others by refusing vaccination, then it would be possible to section them under the MHA 1983 and forcibly inject them. Consent will not be required.

We’re going down a very dark road indeed.

If you sit down and read all 351 pages of Agenda 21, plus its ancillary documents, you will find that it’s all about complete control and inventory of everything on the planet. Animal, mineral and vegetable. Including humans.

That could be partially what the vaccine is about. The virus would be a means to that end. I don’t know what it will contain, but it almost certainly won’t be immunisation against any coronavirus. There has never been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. They are too slippery, meaning they mutate too much. There is talk of eventually utilising the quantum dot tattoo technology that Bill Gates has developed. Google ID2020 to find out more.

The UN claims that there are a billion undocumented humans on this planet. And that global population is ultimately heading for nearly 11 billion. This appears to really bother Bill Gates. See his TED Talks.

As mentioned, UN Agenda 2030 is the next major milestone of Agenda 21.

The required changes are enormous. Yet we are seeing them all around us. Most of these changes have accelerated since the pandemic.

It can be argued that the measures “they’re” taking to “protect us” from the virus are indistinguishable from many of the stated goals of UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

While we’ve been kept under house arrest, they’ve been shutting down fossil fuel power stations, oil rigs, pedestrianising city centres, disabling our food supply chain, forcing farmers to cull ‘greenhouse gas emitting’ livestock and let ‘unsustainable irrigated’ crops rot. Suppressing effective COVID-19 treatments.

The evidence is all around us. Virtually every major town and city in the UK has had permanent changes to road layout to allow for social distancing. Pedestrianisation and cycle ways. One way systems. Cities are becoming very car-unfriendly. Glasgow has lost a third of its parking spaces overnight. Google ‘social distancing centre traffic’. If there’s a vaccine coming, why are these changes permanent?

And here is Boris Johnson promising to rewild a third of the country by 2030.

Here’s another surprise change, no petrol or diesel cars after 2030.

Notice the dates. This aligns with the goals of UN Agenda 2030.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. One of the goals of Agenda 21 is to end private property ownership and all farming of animals by 2050. (My note, not Teresa's: This Tweet by the World Economic forum was removed after it gained notoriety. I believe it was the "It's 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and I've never been happier" video. Forbes has the article in its original form before WEF changed the title to evade negative response: )

To recap, we can expect a cashless society, negative interest rates, social credit system, mass surveillance, mandatory vaccines, ID2020, AI, restriction of movement, health passports, rationing of food and energy, confiscation of private property, banning of private motor vehicles and crippling taxation.

Eventually? Depopulation and rewilding of the planet.

I’ve got references for everything I haven’t referenced here. I’ve been studying geopolitics since 2008 and tracking the WEC and UN’s machinations since January.

We’re being frogmarched into a dystopian technocracy. An Orwellian future. It was always going to happen, it’s just happening faster than I thought. I can only conclude that the technology needed to implement it was ready after all.

They’re even hinting at transhumanism and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. These topics are covered in the Great Reset videos and literature. We’re living a bloody science fiction novel. These videos examines how we got here, and where we’re going.

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We really are in deep trouble. The world is being steered by a megalomaniac madman, Klaus Schwab, and he has the full power of the United Nations at his disposal. This is not speculation, this is fact.

The lockdowns aren’t about a virus. The virus was the excuse for the lockdowns. The whole purpose of the lockdowns is to destroy our economy and take away our freedoms. They’re implementing a hard Agenda 21, a “Great Reset” with the slogan, “Build Back Better” Only Britain won’t be better. Far from it. We will become like communist China. This man believes that China is our future.