19 February 2021

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With rare and unique gemstones connected to one’s zodiac signs and birth months, Birthstones and birthstone jewelry have fascinated people for a long time. People have so much belief in the birthstone jewelry that it plays an important part in transforming their life and it has been proven fruitful also. That’s the reason birthstone jewelry are always in demand around the world. Birthstone appears in almost every color imaginable.

Birthstones are important because they are well equipped to enhance your energies. As these stones are connected to one’s own zodiac astrological signs, they work on healing your mind body and soul. The Concept of Traditional and Modern Gemstones
Zodiac or astrological gemstones (traditional gemstones) are based on Zodiac signs established on a color system, while modern birthstones are associated to each calendar birth month. The idea of birthstone that corresponds to a person’s birth month is a relatively modern creation however it dates back to biblical times. The practice of wearing gemstones jewelry associated to a birth month prevailed in different cultures across the world, in accordance with their birthstone calendars. Each birthstone has a unique meaning and effect on the one wearing it. While traditional birthstones include a mix of transparent and opaque gems, the modern list features transparent ones. The majority of birthstone originate from the crystalline forms of minerals.

The practice of wearing Gemstone Jewelry or Birthstone Jewelry is quite traditional and in trend from past many years. Wearing a Gemstone or a Birthstone has much positive effect in your life in terms of bringing luck health and prosperity. Although the idea of birthstones can be found throughout most of the world, not every region has same list of twelve gems.

Aariana Jewels is one of the biggest Loose natural and birthstone providers in India and Japan. Along with Jewelry Manufacturing, Aariana Jewels also offer a wide variety of Loose Gemstones and Birthstones in all sorts of shapes, colors, qualities and sizes.We also offer GIA certified Diamonds, loose star and melee diamonds in various colors and clarity depending upon clients' requirements.

Aariana Jewels Factory being located in the heart of World's most famous gemstone city, Jaipur, gives an access to all sorts of rough gemstones, semi polished or full cut gemstones from different gem mines all around the World.

Along with the possibility of use of more than 200 types of Gemstones in Jewelry made in our Jewelry Factory, we also provide loose gemstones and Birthstones to overseas Jewelry factories, jewelry craftsmen, gem collectors, micro and small scale jewelry workshops, retailers etc.

We offer all sorts of shapes, sizes and quality as required by the customers along with the possibility of custom made unique gemstone cuts.

The Loose Gemstones offered by us include all sorts of precious and semi-precious gemstones including Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires Opals, Spinels etc.


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