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19 February 2021

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And it has been continuously published in “ultra jump” teenage magazine since 2005. The popular manga is about the multigenerational tales of heroic joester family from 200 centuries ago to modern world. The manga’s theme is “praise for life” which is embraced by its plots of friendship among the characters, the brave and invincible wills against evil in their never-ended battles.

The manga always impresses readers to praise the hero mission of kinnikuman who loved to maintain the world peace and embrace the friendship with his companions in the story. “jojo’s bizarre adventure” was issued from 1986 to 2004 by “weekly shonen jump” magazine.

A seventeen-year-old boy monkey d. Luffy decided to become a pirate in order to search the valuable “one piece” and thus started the ocean adventure by a ship, coping with many battles with the enemy. The emergence of comics is initially for leisure and entertaining purpose. However, comics have been rapidly and significantly developed as an identity of japanese art. In term of economic benefit, the comics market is robust as comics series have been widely translated into numerous foreign languages for the overseas market, as well as adapted into marvelous animations, television drama, and movies.

The story has been widely adapted into animation, television drama, and movies. “ultimate muscle” was published in “weekly shounen jump” magazine from issue no. 22 in 1979 to no.21 in 1987. The main character kinnikuman was a professional wrestling player and also kind of superman, being enthusiastic to protect the weak against evils by his super power and his signature weapon, boiled eggs to attack the enemy.

Since its first release in issue no.5 of “weekly shonen sunday” magazine in 1994, it has become the longest manga series of the magazine and still maintains the popularity until today. The story was about a high school detective, shinichi kudo, who was accidentally poisoned into a child by a black organization and he continued to solve tremendous detective cases by his intelligence. Since its debut in 1976, the japanese comedy manga has been the longest-running series in the history of “weekly shonen jump” magazine. The story is about the crazy and humorous gag-driven adventures of the policeman “kankichi ryotsu”. It is regarded as the best manga series of the jump magazine in the 80s and has become a classic and highly praised. It is not surprising “one piece” is ranked as the top of best-selling comics. The series span 77 tankobon since 2015 and are continuously covered in “weekly shonen jump” magazine and “kochira katsushira-ku kameari koen-mae hashutsujo”.

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