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19 February 2021

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Interior designer in Chandigarh is searched many times a day in day to day life. This tells that there is a requirement for the best interior designer in Chandigarh. It is hard to trust someone with our home décor, especially if it is our dream home. Nobody wants to mess up the things which they love. And that goes with interior designing too. If you are searching for the best interior designer in Chandigarh, then this post is for you. You need someone who loves interior designing from the bottom of their heart, who doesn't feel it like a job but as a passion. And here is the person for you and that is Renu Soni.

Interior Designer in Chandigarh| Renu Soni Services

Renu Soni is just the person for your interior design. She was born and raised in England where she studied in North London. And after moving to Chandigarh she started persuading her passion for interior designing. After getting professional training in interior designing and decoration she gained the confidence to form Renu Soni Interior Design, a bespoke consultancy. This Panchkula-based consultancy has been offering interior design solutions for over 13 years. Their portfolio includes elegant, personalized residences and practical, reflective commercial spaces. Just check them out and you will love the actual places not just the demo, but the projects they have completed are wonderful.

Why should you choose Renu Soni Services?

-They maintain the highest levels of service standards while providing interior designing solutions to their customers and within their budget.

-They combine the need of customers along with the current décor system to keep their customers up to date with the world.

-If you want to redecorate your single room or an office or redesign your whole home or workspace, they work with full passion and perform the full process of the redesign of the space and implementation of the design.

-Just not only passion but the skills these people have made them the best interior designer in Chandigarh for your home or your workplace.

Their Decoration Services include: -

• Interior decoration services
• Lighting, kitchen and Bathroom Design
• Furniture Design and Placement
• Curtain and soft furnishing design and installation
• Sourcing, supply, and installation
• Auto CAD drawings and 3D views

If you have any thoughts regarding the decoration then you could just simply ask them with no hesitation and they will also respect your choices too, they do not do just what they think is right, and that is something you want to find in your décor service which provides you the world class services but also respects your choices.

What will be the prices for a single room?

Depending upon the size of the room, your needs and the type of décor you want to choose for that room it always varies so it is quiet hard to tell the exact price for the services of single room décor but they are happy to answer your questions, you can just ask them to the contact details given below.

As you can see, they cover every aspect of interior designing, even if you want to add some extra stuff to this, they can perform those too. The biggest advantage of looking toward Renu Soni services is that she has exposure abroad which gives her more imaginability than others. Not just this the training, professionalism, and elasticity which she can use to create a beautiful place from any space makes her the best interior designer in Chandigarh.

Office Address

SCO 6, Swastik Vihar, Mansa Devi Complex,
Panchkula, Haryana 134114

Contact them at-
Phone Number-+91 9815304250

Website :


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