20 February 2021

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TDCS is just a brain stimulation technique that works on the small electrical current to treat depression, anxiety and
a number of other psychiatric disorders.
TDCS SYDNEY, Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is the initial company in Australia to offer transcranial direct
current stimulation products straight to the public. We are the leading Australian distributor of clinical and
research neurostimulation technology.
New developments in Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) technology have enabled TDCS to be
self-administered by patients at home.
TDCS Sydney is someone of Caputron that is made up of engineers, researchers and scientists that are
passionate about the study and development of neurostimulation technology.
We closely work with our partner, who has the very best researchers and doctors in trials worldwide; our goal is always to
provide smart, easy methods to debilitating neuropsychiatric disorders.

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