Some considerations of interest while hiring “end of rental cleaning” servic


23 February 2021

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The completion of a rental agreement carries with it the need for a thorough end of lease cleaning of the entire space before releasing the rented property. Cleaning at the end of the lease can be done by your tenants or by professional cleaning services Canberra hired by the tenants, by the landlord, or even cost-sharing.

If you are a tenant and you want to get your deposit back or if you are an owner who wants to prepare the house for the next tenant. When the end of a rental agreement there is a need to clean the property. And it is that everyone would not like to enter our new home and find it clean. And it is that who does not like to release a totally clean apartment?

Some considerations of interest:

- Canberra end of lease cleaning at the end of the tenancy is important to receive your full security deposit - more than half of deposit disputes are insufficient or cleaning is part of a more complex dispute.

- Tenants can do their end-of-lease cleaning. The landlord cannot force them to use any cleaning company or cleaning service.
- The owner can request the same level of hygiene that was documented in the movement in the inventory report. How the result is achieved depends on the tenant.

- If you do your end of lease clean Canberra, remember to use your inventory as a guide. Also, use a checklist and schedule your cleaning to make sure the property is completely clean.

- Allow enough time if you plan to clean it yourself. Deep cleaning takes time and you will be surprised how big and heavy this job is.
- An inventory signed by both parties is the most important piece of evidence to resolve a dispute. You want your rental cleaning to finish just before the inventory move, to register the property in the cleanest state.

- Your landlord cannot overcharge you if you haven't cleaned the property before you move in.

If you want to hire a professional spring cleaning Canberra company for the end of your tenancy, it is important to make the right decision. Your bail is at stake, make sure the job is done and enough to claim your money.

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