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27 February 2021

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The “Energy Switch” to Manifest CASH In 23 Hours!

“Energy Switch” flips Your Abundance “ON"

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Angela struggled to make ends meet after her divorce.

Especially after her “EX” humiliated her by parading his new bimbo in front of her kids.

It inspired a journey halfway around the world to discover a little-known “energy” switch that turns scarcity into abundance.

We’re talking about turning on the flow of cold, hard cash…

Being able to manifesting $1,000, $5,000, or even $10,000…

Without “working harder” or “grinding to 10X your life.”

Want to know what’s crazy?

She discovered it in the jungles of Nepal looking for elephants.

Activating this “energy switch” is simpler and easier than those manifestation gurus want you to believe.

Neuro research confirms “Chakra” manifestation prophecy

Research confirms ancient “Chakra” prophecy (to manifest a fortune)

The Day of the Tiger secret to manifest thousands

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In a dark cave deep in the mountains of Nepal, a brittle jar of clay housed an mysterious manuscript.

It sat undiscovered for 1,789 years.

Recently, it was stumbled on and the mysterious script decoded.

The manuscript prophesied a time when the 7 Chakras, also known as energy centers in the body…

Would be cleaned and aligned so weary souls could manifest abundance with almost frightening speed.

The prophecy predicted a “Day of the Tiger.”

When redirecting chakra energy wouldn’t take months or years to master…

But could be fast and powerful like a Bengal Tiger.

This prophecy has now been made possible due to recent neurological advances.

The woman responsible for bringing this discovery to America traversed a brutal trail to discover it.

Her journey started with a humiliating “Christmas Party”...

But ended with her discovering her true self…

And how to manifest the life of her dreams.

Pure bliss, deep and connected relationships, unshakable confidence…

And the kind of influx of cash that made her head spin.

She’s finally breaking her silence on her story…

The mysterious marriage of an ancient prophecy joined with a modern technological marvel…

And the rare opportunity to experience the “Day of the Tiger” for yourself while it’s still available.

If you’ve even wanted to “speed up” the manifestation process, now’s your chance to do something about it.

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Is this “energy” working for or against your $$$?

Thi$ “Energy” manifests scarcity OR abundan$e

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Energy can either work AGAINST you - holding you back from living the abundant life you want, need, and deserve.

Or energy can work FOR you - unleashing abundance into your life like a massive flowing river.

Cold hard cash, beautiful homes, sexy cars, and exotic trips around the world.

What most people don’t know is that there’s a secret switch inside your body that controls this energy.

And this energy switch is either OFF or ON.

If you haven’t discovered how to manifest an abundant life, don’t be too hard on yourself.

It’s simply because you haven’t discovered how to flip this switch…


But once you do - LOOK OUT.

Manifestation becomes easy - just like you always knew deep down it was meant to be.

My friend Angela is the one who told me about this energy switch.

She had to “go through hell” to discover it.

Including having to travel halfway around the world in search of elephants…

After her “Ex” humiliated her in front of the family.

Her story…

And the energy switch she discovered…

Was worth the pain and anguish.

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Elephantitis of the Bank Account?

How to get “elephantitis” of the bank account

The Elephantitis of Abundance?

How to get “elephantitis” of Abundance

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There’s a secret to manifesting an elephant-sized bank account.

But it’s not what all those phony manifestation gurus want you to believe.

See, my friend Angela discovered that there’s a little-known “energy switch” inside every single person.

And once you discover how to trigger it, you can unblock a flow of abundance that will simply carry you away.

But here’s the thing.

It won’t take a humiliating experience…

And a trip halfway around the world to see elephants…

Like it did for Angela.

If you want to discover how to flip this energy switch for yourself, all you have to do is:

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- Elephantitis of the Bank Account?
- How to get “elephantitis” of the bank account
- The Elephantitis of Abundance?
- How to get “elephantitis” of Abundance

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The Myth that Miracles are a "Myth"

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I'm convinced that people who shake their fists at the sky, insisting that "MIRACLES ARE A MYTH"...

… are simply jealous.

They too want a miracle - they just haven't experienced one yet.

I just discovered something for anyone who hasn't experienced their own miracle…

Or, who simply wants to manifest more of them.

See, the brain can't tell the difference between an imagined event and a real one.

That means IF you can "imagine" a specific miracle in your life…

(like doubling your income)...

Then your brain BELIEVES IT - like it’s real.

But only if you can trigger the right "energy" in a very specific part of your "______"

This used to be impossible until a breakthrough guided meditation busted the "Miracles are a Myth" myth.

It's available right now as a 100% free download. But only for a limited time.

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subj: Egyptian Manifestation Secrets


While traveling in Egypt, I discovered a shocking ancient manuscript, tucked away, covered in dust, in a small book store. Once I was able to transcribe it, I was shocked at what I discovered.


It spoke of ancient kings, and pharaohs who have used hidden techniques of manifestation to essentially bend the universe, to their will. This is how they were able to achieve such fame and power.

It also spoke of several groups of people designated to protect this knowledge, which I learned, still exist today.

They are desperately trying to stop me from releasing this information to the general public, and I've already had one attempt on my life.

If you want to hear about my incredible story, and see what they DON'T want you to know, please click the link below.

I must warn you, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep this up, so please do it as soon as you can, and spread to everyone you know!

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