Adjustable, High-Speed Dog Hair Dryer


01 March 2021

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Do you own a dog? If so, you are aware that having a dog can be costly. Yes, you can get him a plethora of dog supplies from toys to clothes to beds, but the grooming equipment is one area where you may have to spend a little extra money. For most families with dogs, it isn't uncommon to spend several hundred dollars a year or more on supplies. If you were to have to buy your dog's grooming equipment separately from the dog bed, for just the dog bed alone, it would easily run into the thousands of dollar range. So, it pays to do some research on the types of dog hair dryer that are available.

The first type of dog hair dryer we will discuss is the retractable canine coat brush. The top of this unit has a retractable feature. This feature will allow you to simply pull the top portion of the hose and it will hang down to just below your dog's chin. When you pull the cord, the hose will automatically extend itself and hook up to your dog's neck. It then becomes a simple task of using the attached sprayer to clean the coat and hair.

You will find the same type of dog hair dryer, in both the above mentioned options, and also in other more compact design. Some of these designs will have the basic two different speed and on/off button controls as well as a few additional features. One of these additional features will allow you to use the pet dryer on lower heat settings. Lower heat settings will allow your pet to dry quicker without overheating the dog.

The next dog hair dryer that we are going to discuss is the Traxxas Outdoor Pro line. The brand is widely known for their excellent product lines and this is no different. The two main key features of this model is the built in ionic dryer and the two temperature settings. One feature that sets the Traxxas Outdoor Pro apart from some of its counterparts is the fact that the dryer has an automatic shut-off feature.

A second feature that sets the Traxxas Outdoor Pro apart from many other models is the ability to use it on lower heat settings. When you look at some of these other dog hair dryer options, the air speed can get very hot. This often times will cause the dog to be uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, many of these high heat models will cause pet pain. However, with the Traxxas Outdoor Pro, the air speed is low enough to not cause the dog any discomfort when in use.

The Traxxas Outdoor Pro dog hair dryer is equipped with a large round nozzle with four different nozzles. All four of these nozzles are adjustable so you can regulate the speed at which it blows out the heat. There is also a variable-speed control on the spray nozzle. This makes it very user friendly. Another nice feature is the flexible hose. It is made out of material that wicks away moisture, keeping your dog dry during a dry heat cycle.

The Traxxas Outdoor Pro comes with a remote control and an optional collar to wear around your dog's neck. This handy collar will help you keep track of your dog during the entire drying process. Another great feature of this dog hair dryer is the interchangeable airspeed vents. These vents allow you to regulate the airspeed through the nozzles on the dryer. If you need to use a higher heat, simply raise the vent lever up. If you want to use a lower heat setting, simply lower the vent lever down.

If you are looking for an air dryer for your home, the Traxxas Outdoor Pro is a good choice. Its innovative design keeps your dog cool while still allowing him to be dry. It has an adjustable spray height, an easy-to-use temperature-control dial, and an adjustable drying speed that let you customize the amount of time your dog gets dry. With its powerful motor and high-speed aluminum extrusion, the Traxxas Outdoor Pro is well built and delivers reliable performance, for more information visit here


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