Best MMA fighters


01 March 2021

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With MMA fighters there have to be many controversies and when a list like the following, which contains in an orderly way the list of the best in MMA wrestling, there have to be many arguments.

This list contains all of the MMA greats who have stood the test of time and become great fighters. These bruised personalities have given their best time and time again and have proven their worth and value to all MMA fans. Most of them with Gameness Gis have given hope, courage and strength to those who would not have dared to face oppression before.

Chuck liddel

Chuck is the person responsible for making MMA so popular. We've all seen Chuck dressed in Gameness Gi clothes fighting in a standing style that served him well. He comes from a wrestling background and was raised in an environment that was mixed with martial arts and therefore tops the list of all-time greats.

Matt Hughes

This guy is very popular and is also the nine-time UFC world welterweight champion. He is surely the best known MMA fighter. Especially Matt is a very nice guy.

Tito Ortiz

This man is super controversial. He is really aggressive, big mouth and on top of that he is really skilled. Before his back injury, he was nearly unstoppable. His recent loss to Forrest lowered his popularity a bit, but he will always be one of the best.

The Gracies

Gracies was the man who put BJJ on the map. He pioneered the sport in which he proved that a little man can beat a much stronger opponent. With Renzo currently ruling the scene, it is necessary to see who is crowned the best.

Brock Lesnar

Although a recent injury has left this guy out, he is one of the greats and fights with a lot of heart. The spirit of him is extraordinary and this is something that makes him really competitive.

Frank Mir

This guy is purely inspirational from the fact that he came back after he retired and now he's one of the greats and a force to be reckoned with.

Forest griffin

He is a genius who is comfortable both on his feet and on the ground. He always delivers a cruel game and his victory over Tito has changed the way people used to think of him.


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