120 MMA gyms and 1000 MMA fighters on the map


01 March 2021

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The phenomenon of mixed martial arts is increasing every day. For some, MMA is really ancient and has been here for a long time in an ancient fighting form, Chinese martial arts fights between the ancient schools of wu-shu or even unarmed gladiator fights in ancient Rome. But for others, MMA as a sport with clearly defined rules and a focus on victory without (too much) harm represents a new sports category. Wrestlers have always trained in gyms, which persists to our age. But which MMA gyms are the best? And where are they? Where do the best MMA fighters train? Now you can find out.

The best MMA fighters are already natural superstars recognized around the world. We can only mention a few like Fedor Emelianenko, Shane Carwin, Royce Gracie, Brock Lesnar, the Nogueira brothers, Lyoto Machida, Gina Carano or Hidehiko Yoshida. But there is much more, there is an uncountable volume of MMA warriors in the world. They train hard on all continents and in all parts of the planet. They fight at local events and try to get to MMA heaven, fans, and even paychecks. The best fighters are "produced" in the best MMA gyms.

However, MMA is not very old, the number of good MMA gyms, associations or clubs can reach several hundred. Coaches and trainers prepare fighters for their fights with caution and fun, but always with strict training rules. The best MMA gyms can also provide a bit more just to bring warriors to the top. So is it time to get involved? Is there a top MMA gym in your location? Can you join the best and become one of them? Let's see...

As I already mentioned, there are a lot of MMA gyms and I couldn't list them all. I had to use selection, so I based it on these criteria:

1. They attend notable MMA contests like UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, etc.
2. Your listed wrestlers / wrestlers had at least one fight in 2010 or 2009. In fact, I was able to collect information on 993 MMA warriors.
3. Gyms are "real": some associations are just management companies and wrestlers train in their local gyms or towns, etc.
4. There was the possibility of obtaining at least basic information about the wrestlers and their gyms. I really couldn't get some of them due to lack of proper information. In other cases, I only had to choose just 1 location among many.

I must say that the TOP 120 of MMA gyms is not the definitive or authoritative list and the destinations may not be 100% perfect. In some cases, the Google Maps positioning system was lost and I had to verify the locations manually.

But despite this fact, there is as much information as I could get on exactly 120 MMA gyms around the world and almost 1000 of their fighters on the map. And if the map can be useful to you, your friends, or your blog, then I hope a good job was done. J. Please visit this link to access the interactive map.


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